Warwick Davis wears our kilts

Known for films such as Star Wars, Harry Potter and Willow, Warwick Davis also presents a number of shows for television. In the second series of Weekend Escapes with Warwick Davis, Warwick and his family travel to Scotland to partake in the Edinburgh Fringe Festival, a highland games and a search for Nessie on Loch Ness.


We were contacted in the weeks before the family holiday to make a bespoke kilt for Warwick and his son Harrison. Warwick choose the Davidson Modern tartan for them to wear and this can be seen worn through the programme. It certainly helps them look the part when they take part in the highland games and the family all seemed quite fond of them.

If you missed the show you can view this on the STV Player (In Scotland) or ITV Player.

Crew - cropped

Thanks to the production team at Love Productions for sending us through a few pictures to show.

Top 10 Scottish Wedding Traditions

There are many Scottish wedding traditions that have evolved over centuries and incorporating a few of these into your wedding can create special memories for you and your guests. As a guide I’ve put together my top 10 traditions as a little inspiration for you.

A traditional hand fasting ceremony. Photo credit Eric-René Penoy

A traditional hand fasting ceremony. Photo credit Eric-René Penoy

1. Sixpence in your shoe

You may know the rhyme “Something old, new, borrowed blue” and in Scotland it ends “and a silver sixpence in her shoe”. This is given as a token of good fortune and placed inside the shoe.

2. Lucky White Heather

When it comes to your flowers it is considered good luck to have a sprig of white heather in your bouquet. It’s also a nice touch adding this to buttonholes.

3. Hire a piper

Piped music is romantic and traditional before, during and or after the ceremony.  A piper will traditionally pipe the bride into the ceremony and the couple out afterwards.  My favourite tune on the bagpipes is Highland Cathedral.

4. “Tying the Knot”

This saying is said to stem from the Celtic tradition of hand fasting. Traditionally this was just the term for a wedding ceremony but more recently has been used as part of a ceremony where the hands are joined and tied loosely with a length of fabric or ribbon as you “tie the knot”.

5. Pinning of tartan

To welcome a bride to the family a groom or his family may pin a sash of their fabric to the bride. In return the bride and her family can present the groom with his fly plaid and pin this on to him.

6. Toast with a quaich

Also known as “the loving cup” a toast with a quaich and is a great way for a couple to share their first drink together. By presenting each other with a drink and accepting this it’s a show of your togetherness. It can also be presented to the parents and or guests as a sign that you’re now all one family.

7. A scramble

The Groom (sometimes the bride’s father or Best Man) will take coins from his wallet or sporran and scatter out at waiting children, who then “Scramble” for them. The scramble is a made as a gesture for good fortune and wealth throughout the marriage.

8. A penny wedding

A community based wedding where the guests bring their own food and drink. It’s a great option for a budget conscious couple and for those who want to include everyone in their celebrations.

9. Ceilidh

A traditional Scottish Ceilidh (dance) is a great way to get a party started. A caller will often lead the dances so everyone can get involved. It’s unlikely you’ll have anyone sitting on the side-lines during these Scottish tunes.

10. Traditional gifts

Traditional gifts usually include a clock (usually given from the best man) and a luckenbooth brooch. The Luckenbooth brooch is pinned to the bride and then to the shawl of their baby at baby’s christening. The bride will also gift a shirt (a wedding sark) to the groom, in return the groom would buy the wedding dress.

A pewter quaich to share a toast with

A pewter quaich to share a toast with.

I hope this helps with a little inspiration for your Scottish wedding. Let us know what Scottish traditions you used for your special day.

Have you seen our Scottish wedding pages?

It should be no surprise that, being kilt experts, we absolutely love wedding season!
So, we have created two new Scottish wedding pages to provide a wee bit of inspiration for those of you either getting married or attending a Scottish wedding.

Scottish bride and groom

Have a look at our Scottish Wedding Inspiration page for some handy tips and ideas about how to stylishly add some Scottish tradition into your big day.

Our ‘What to wear to a Scottish Wedding‘ page is your go to guide when deciding what to wear and how to style your wedding outfit. Whether you’re the groom, best man or a guest, we have an option to suit every one!

Click below and be inspired…

Scottish Wedding InspirationWhat to Wear to a Scottish Wedding

 We love to see our happy customers on their wedding day. So, feel free to send in any photographs from your big day and have the chance to become one of our featured weddings!

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Wedding Focus: Matching Children’s and Adult’s Outfits

Children have an important role to play in weddings and it can be difficult to plan the perfect outfit for them. The ideal combination is one where they will enjoy dressing up but will also be comfortable for the whole day.

A wedding is often the first occasion where they get to wear a formal outfit and children enjoy wearing a similar outfit to the adults taking part. Many of our kilt outfits are made in the adults and children’s sizes to help create the perfect match.

Prince Charlie Outfit

Capture Capture-001

The most formal of outfits. The smaller kilts, jackets and accessories create a fabulous look for the children who have a lot of fun wearing these outfits.

The boys outfits are available in 4 of the same tartans as the men’s outfit or purchase a Bronze outfit for a matching custom tartan.


 Casual Outfit

Capture-002 A great option for warmer climates and for when you want to look the part but feel comfortable. The casual kilt outfit is the most popular option for children.

Wear the same tartan as the men’s outfit for a perfect match.



For both styles of outfits there are a range of stock tartans to choose from. There is also the option of having a kilt made in a custom tartan. Whilst the children’s kilt can only be worn for a couple of years, it’s then becomes a family heirloom that can be treasured and passed down to the next generation.

Share Your Wedding

We love weddings. We love the happiness of the event but we also love it when you choose us to play a part in your wedding. Our team love nothing better than getting to know you and helping you with outfits, favours, gifts and accessories. It’s always great when we see photos from the wedding. Whether you’re the happy couple or a kilted guest we’d love for you to share your photos. Why not apply to be our featured wedding.

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How to apply:

Email hello@buyakilt.com with your photo’s, order number/s and a little bit of information about yourself and your wedding.


  • You should be a buyakilt.com customer
  • You must have permission to use the photos and for us to share them or use for promotion
  • The wedding should have taken place within the last year

98215-2 Geman Wedding 197587-02 Wescott


Allegiance to the Clan

Most Scots know which clan they belong to and can trace this back centuries. Where this isn’t known, a little research along your family lines often leads to a discovery of their clan or perhaps even a few. It may be that your surname is a “sept” of a larger clan.


Historically the clan was made up of all of the people living under the chief of the clan’s land.

Whilst everyone recognises the tartan worn by a clan, another way to show your clan allegiance is by wearing a clan crest.

We work with some of the top suppliers in Scotland to bring you a whole range of clan crest items. Our range includes gift sets, traditional highland dress accessories and gifts.

You can view the full range here: Clan Crest Collection

Capture Capture-001 Capture-002





We also have an extensive library of clan crests and engrave these onto hipflasks, tankards or quaichs. Just select your crest from the library to view the range of items.

Capture Capture-003 Capture-004




What Colour Is This Dress?


You may have seen this picture doing the rounds on social media. Do you see a white and gold dress or a blue and black dress?

Due to a number of factors different people are viewing it as one or the other (or even purple as Fergus guessed). Some of the reasons this may occur are: The type of screen and colour of the monitor that you’re viewing on; The lighting and surroundings; The background of the dress; Focusing on the differences in the colours of the dress.

It’s certainly caused a bit of debate in our office and has raised an issue that sometimes crops up. When viewing kilts, and tartans in our tartan database you may perceive a different image of the colour.  That’s not to say that we’ll make a kilt for you in a completely different colour to what you expect as most screens will show a true representation of the tartan. but something you should take into consideration when making a decision on what tartan you want. If in any doubt you can always contact us or request a swatch of the tartan.

PS, I’m in the blue and black camp.


Corporate Gifts


Events and Promotions

We know that when you are organising any event or promotion, you want to find something that fits the occasion perfectly. Look through our online catalogue for inspiration, or tell us the occasion and let us find a product for you. We can deliver quickly and offer you a great selection of products and ideas whatever your budget. We promise you our personal service, our advice and our years of experience.

Our success stories so far…

In tartan


We supplied Tommy Hilfiger with our tartan blankets for visual merchandising and advertising. Our tartan rugs were used as corporate gifts during the Ryder Cup . Our kilts have appeared in TV advertising and film costume. Our tartan scarves were a successful fundraiser for a US hospital. Sporran key rings made unusual wedding favours for each guest. Add to that, kilts for themed bars, pipe bands and school uniforms and you have some idea of our scope.

In Pewter

We have arranged personalised tankards as a gift at a medieval banquet and a computer game launch party, as well as for a number of pubs and bars to offer a unique serving option. We provided hip flasks for golfing days, and for university student sports teams. Our quaichs have been presented at Scottish universities and weddings. You can see the full range of these on our specialist sites buyahipflask.com, buyatankard.com and buyaquaich.com.

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Call us on 0131 669 1487 and let’s see how we can help you make your event a success.

New Addition: Tweed and Check Ladies Billie Kilts

We’ve listened to your requests for a wider range of ladies kilts and have added more billie and tweed kilts to our ladies range.

Tartan for ladies is a classic staple for any wardrobe. It never goes out of fashion. With kilts  being one of the more versatile items. Wear with a jumper and thick tights during the winter or with a blouse or t shirt in the spring/summer. It can be dressed up or down for the occasion.  The luxurious tweed kilts are also a welcome addition to the range.

View our full range here.

We sell our ladies kilts by waist measurement rather than dress size. It’s best to take a tape and measure where you want the kilt to sit to get a great fit. Most people also find taking the next size up gives the best fit.




We’ve been working on our site recently to make sure it looks its best for you. We’ve even started making videos of our brogues, so that you can get to know them even better. You can find our videos by clicking on your favourite brogues, and scrolling to product description at the bottom of the page.

They look like this:

buyakilt.com Ghillie Brogues

Or, if you want to have check out all our videos, you can watch them by clicking here.