What Colour Is This Dress?


You may have seen this picture doing the rounds on social media. Do you see a white and gold dress or a blue and black dress?

Due to a number of factors different people are viewing it as one or the other (or even purple as Fergus guessed). Some of the reasons this may occur are: The type of screen and colour of the monitor that you’re viewing on; The lighting and surroundings; The background of the dress; Focusing on the differences in the colours of the dress.

It’s certainly caused a bit of debate in our office and has raised an issue that sometimes crops up. When viewing kilts, and tartans in our tartan database you may perceive a different image of the colour.  That’s not to say that we’ll make a kilt for you in a completely different colour to what you expect as most screens will show a true representation of the tartan. but something you should take into consideration when making a decision on what tartan you want. If in any doubt you can always contact us or request a swatch of the tartan.

PS, I’m in the blue and black camp.


Corporate Gifts


Events and Promotions

We know that when you are organising any event or promotion, you want to find something that fits the occasion perfectly. Look through our online catalogue for inspiration, or tell us the occasion and let us find a product for you. We can deliver quickly and offer you a great selection of products and ideas whatever your budget. We promise you our personal service, our advice and our years of experience.

Our success stories so far…

In tartan


We supplied Tommy Hilfiger with our tartan blankets for visual merchandising and advertising. Our tartan rugs were used as corporate gifts during the Ryder Cup . Our kilts have appeared in TV advertising and film costume. Our tartan scarves were a successful fundraiser for a US hospital. Sporran key rings made unusual wedding favours for each guest. Add to that, kilts for themed bars, pipe bands and school uniforms and you have some idea of our scope.

In Pewter

We have arranged personalised tankards as a gift at a medieval banquet and a computer game launch party, as well as for a number of pubs and bars to offer a unique serving option. We provided hip flasks for golfing days, and for university student sports teams. Our quaichs have been presented at Scottish universities and weddings. You can see the full range of these on our specialist sites buyahipflask.com, buyatankard.com and buyaquaich.com.

Talk to us
You don’t really know what we can do together until we talk together.

Call us on 0131 669 1487 and let’s see how we can help you make your event a success.

New Addition: Tweed and Check Ladies Billie Kilts

We’ve listened to your requests for a wider range of ladies kilts and have added more billie and tweed kilts to our ladies range.

Tartan for ladies is a classic staple for any wardrobe. It never goes out of fashion. With kilts  being one of the more versatile items. Wear with a jumper and thick tights during the winter or with a blouse or t shirt in the spring/summer. It can be dressed up or down for the occasion.  The luxurious tweed kilts are also a welcome addition to the range.

View our full range here.

We sell our ladies kilts by waist measurement rather than dress size. It’s best to take a tape and measure where you want the kilt to sit to get a great fit. Most people also find taking the next size up gives the best fit.




We’ve been working on our site recently to make sure it looks its best for you. We’ve even started making videos of our brogues, so that you can get to know them even better. You can find our videos by clicking on your favourite brogues, and scrolling to product description at the bottom of the page.

They look like this:

buyakilt.com Ghillie Brogues

Or, if you want to have check out all our videos, you can watch them by clicking here.

New Category Page Layout

We recently updated our product page layout to make it more simple. I’m pleased to say, we’ve just extended that new design onto our category page.

Old Design

Old Category Page Layout

New Design

New Category PageWe think the new layout is much cleaner and simpler. We’ve also removed the sidebar completely, moving the navigation into a dropdown at the top of the page instead.

We’re confident that the much larger images and clearer layout makes it easier for you to find your perfect kilt outfit.

Press Release: Top Christmas Presents from buyakilt.com

Subject: Christmas Gifts 2014

To be published From September 2014
– Last Minute Gifts
– Christmas Gift Guides.

Our little guide to the top presents that should make your gift list recommendations for 2014. All your Christmas gift favourites with a Scottish twist. These are stock items so can be dispatched right up until the 23rd December.

Classic Christmas Gifts

Tartan Rugs

Tartan Rugs

Over 20 different tartans in new wool, lambswool and gorgeous cashmere. A gift for the budget and luxury markets. Handy to have as a spare gift for unexpected visitors.   Prices from £25.00.


stcthgLadies Hat and Scarf Sets

Lambswool and cashmere sets in 10 different tartans. Scarves and hats both sold separately.  Prices from £29.00.



GB-TBBKWBoxer Shorts

For when you do wear something under your kilt. Tartan boxers are very traditional and a great stocking filler. Prices from £9.00.


CB-PW50Pocket Watches

A stylish and memorable gift for a loved father or grandfather. Featured watch is a Windsor Mechanical Pocket Watch which comes with chain and presentation box.  Prices from £36.00.


NTRYSTartan Ties

18 different tartans stocked but hundreds more made to order. Put a truly unique twist on a traditional gift by selecting a clan tartan. Prices from £17.00.


Please contact Rachel Way via email (hello@buyakilt.com) for further information or to arrange a sample.

Tartan Tuesday: Getting ready for the Ryder Cup

This September sees the return of the Ryder Cup to Gleneagles. In tribute to the Scottish location golfers and spectators are being urged to wear tartan at the practice day on 23rd September and take part in #tartantuesday.

Golfers are no strangers to tartan as this is common fashion on the course. We hope many take part, it would be great to see Gleneagles awash with tartan.

Here are my recommendations for Tartan Tuesday and for golfers in general.

Tartan Trousers

Casual tartan trousers are the most popular for golfing. Available in 4 different tartans and with an elasticated waist for comfort. Most popular for golfing tours.



Tartan Golf Cap

Tartan Golf Caps

With stock caps in a range of different tartans you can finish off any golfing outfit or add a little tartan in style. With cold golfing conditions this is a necessity of the Scottish game.



Sangria Check Lambswool

Tartan Scarves

An easy way to add tartan to an outfit and show your clan colours. A tartan scarf is a rather practical option, just tuck it in to avoid it messing with your game.


We’re joining in the spirit of the Ryder Cup and tartan Tuesday via Social Media. Check out our latest board on Pinterest.

Birthday Discount

To celebrate our 10th birthday we’re offering £10 off your next order. Simply spend £50 or more and enter the code birthday10 at checkout.


This discount can be used at any of the Macdonald Sporrans sites so be sure to check them out.


and of course on buyakilt.com

Valid until 31st July 2014.

Learn more about our 10th birthday by visiting the Macdonald Sporrans blog.

The Path to Simplicity

We’re on a mission at the moment to make our site simpler. We want it to be so easy to use, that it just feels natural.

Part of that, is having bigger product images, and recently, we made our first step down that path by introducing a new product page design. Here’s the before and after shots:

Out with the old

Old Product Page

In with the new

New Product PageAs you can see, we made the image a whole lot bigger, and we brought the additional images onto the page below it. Previously we still had those images, but they were a little hidden away.
We hope you like the new change – the data we’ve gathered so far seems to suggest you do. We certainly love it when we browse the site – it feels much nicer.

PS stay tuned for an update to our category page coming soon….

10th Anniversary Competition

buyakilt.com started life out as Macdonald Sporrans on Ebay 10 years ago this month. A lot has changed since then including the launch of 5 different retail sites.

As part of our celebrations we’re looking for a cool new design to be engraved onto a limited edition run of our pewter hip flasks and sold on buyahipflask.com. Could your design be good enough to be chosen?

For full details of the competition view the post on the Macdonald Sporrans Blog.

Good Luck.