How To Video: Put a kilt on kilt hanger

The premium kilt hanger is tricky to use if you have not been shown how. It really is simple to use and we show you in our latest video just how easy this is. The premium kilt hanger is, in our experience, the best way to hang your kilt.

The kilt hanger is suitable for most kilts. We’ve yet to find one which isn’t a great fit. It also holds the kilt securly in place allowing the pleats to fall perfectly and maintaining the quality of the kilt.

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Top 5 Wedding Locations in Scotland

Scotland has no shortage of spectacular wedding venues and it’s obvious why people from all over the world travel to this beautiful country each year to tie the knot.

We’ve called upon Richard from Scottish wedding band Kickback for his top 5 wedding venues in Scotland. Visiting different venues every week, Richard’s recommendations are all venues the band have played at.

1. Culzean Castle

Culzean CastleThis romantic castle set in a large country park has spectacular views over to the Isle of Arran. With luxurious rooms for your reception and a grand oval staircase, this venue certainly ticks a lot of boxes.

2. Cottiers TheatreTandem-photo-Wedding-at-Cottiers-Glasgow-0031This magnificent former church, is now a theatre set in the heart of Glasgow’s West End. It transforms into a spectacular wedding venue with a grand auditorium that can be made your own.

3. New Lanark World Heritage Site

slideshow02This beautiful village is one of Scotland’s six UNESCO World Heritage sites. Some of the old mill buildings have been transformed into a luxury hotel with a unique rooftop garden making it a perfect setting for a wedding.

4. The George Hotel, Edinburgh

29766-the-george-hotel-edinburghThe giant chandelier in this grand hotel makes it our top Edinburgh wedding venue. The hotel also has a roof terrace with views over the castle and out over the Forth.

5. Ardoe House Hotel

6626_wd_01_p_346x260A favourite from Aberdeen, this grand house is obviously inspired by the royal residence at Balmoral which is nearby. It has stunning grounds for photos and a grand staircase with stained glass windows that are all sure to impress.

How To Video: Fit a buckle to a kilt belt

We often get asked how to fit a belt buckle to a kilt belt. We’ve taken to the camera to quickly show you how this can easily be done.

All of the belts and buckles that are sold at are made to be a perfect fit. This is usually larger than your regular trouser belt. You can view the full ranges using the links below.


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Wedding Gifts: What to buy as a Perfect Present

For such a special occasion you’ll want to give a thoughtful gift that will hold meaning through a long and happy marriage. Here are a few of our top gift suggestions.


A traditional Scottish gift that can be engraved with a personal message. It’s common for a couple to share a toast from the quaich so can be presented (or as a gift to one another) before the wedding and used as part of the ceremony. A loving reminder of the wedding that can be displayed at home for years to come.



Tartan Rug

Our gorgeous tartan blankets offer a thoughtful and practical gift. Why not purchase a tartan with meaning to the couple, such as the clan tartan to welcome the bride to the clan. You could always add it as part of a honeymoon hamper full of goodies to be enjoyed by the couple.



Hip Flask

A traditional gift for the groom or for the wedding party. Get it engraved with the couples names and wedding date and fill it with a favourite tipple. It will be a welcome relief for those pre ceremony nerves.


Sgian Dubh

Our clan crest sgian dubh is a popular option as a gift from a bride, or from parents to a groom on his wedding day. A traditional item with the added crest as a symbol of family bonds being made at this event.

DCF 1.0

For more inspiration view our gifts and home category.

3 Uses for Your Kilt This Summer


Alternative to shorts:

Hopefully where you are gets some sun this summer. Make the most of the sunshine by wearing your kilt as an alternative to shorts. Dress casually with a T shirt or a dress shirt, but get the kilt out. You’ll find it cooler to wear than trousers. Our budget kilts are perfect for everyday usage and travel really well if you’re travelling. Our kilt rolls make this even easier.

Cover Photo Charles McKinzie


If your social calendar is anything like ours you’ll have a couple of weddings to attend this summer. Take the stress out of planning your outfit by having your own kilt. No more stressing about what to wear or about hiring and returning outfits. Owning your own outfit is an affordable option and it is yours to wear anytime the occasion arises.

378980_10150380320719479_516464478_8169804_76050494_n Parades/Festivals:

Gala days, clan gatherings, music festivals, summer marches and parades. This time of year is full of events where you should wear your kilt. If you’re outside of Scotland it’s also a great way to show your Scottish heritage at such gatherings. Add a few day accessories such as a leather sporran and ghillie shirt to get the prefect casual look.


How will you wear yours?

Wedding trends we’re loving

The wedding season is underway this year and we’re thrilled to play an important part in so many of your weddings.

Whether you’re the happy couple or a guest sharing their big day we’re sure you’ll see a number of these trends at weddings this year and well into 2016.


Whilst the shabby chic and DIY themes are still on trend, the return to full glamour will be a feature of many weddings this year. Think brides in ball gown dresses and grooms in black tie/tuxedo. In fact our most formal of outfits the Prince Charlie Outfit will be perfect for the glamorous wedding, both for the groom and for guests.

Unusual wedding venues

Those couples looking to really impress will opt for a venue to get people talking. In Scotland there is no shortage of castles to impress and the fact that your able to get married outdoors in Scotland makes most ideas a real possibility. Just take a look at this Buzzfeed post for inspiration.

From zoos to breweries and farms to theatres, a venue that allows the couple to have fun and show a little of their personality is going to feature highly on 2015/16 weddings.


Bold Colours

From bridesmaid dresses in bold colours to decorations and even block colour wedding cakes, the couples who want to show their fun side, add colour to their wedding. We often see a couple’s theme built entirely around the groom’s kilt. Pick a bold colour that complements a colour in the kilt for a super co-ordinated look that’s also fun.

Food and Drink

The food and drink options create another chance to have a talking point and memorable part of the wedding. Weddings this season may feature anything from an ice cream cart/van to a mobile food van serving your dinner. We’ve seen hog roasts and fish and chips at weddings we’ve already been to! With the pop up restaurant and street food trend here for the long haul these are sure to appear at weddings .

Couples are also having fun with cocktail bars and even whisky tasting sessions. A great way for guests to interact and they’re certain to leave with amazing memories of the day.


Groom Takeover

Gone are the days when a groom’s biggest input was the proposal, Grooms are getting involved in wedding planning. Not only are they having a say in wedding venues and food choices but taking the lead in design and technology for the day as well as choices for colour schemes and themes.

Our 2015 grooms are also fashion conscious and see their wedding day as a chance to wear a favourite outfit suit, or splash out on new clothes for the day. We’re seeing grooms quite easily spending the same amount on their outfit as the bride, and looking great for doing so. Whilst our Scottish made bespoke outfits are high on the list for such grooms you can easily create this look for less with our budget options.

David Mcleod 112788

For more inspiration for your wedding, view our wedding inspiration page.

Warwick Davis wears our kilts

Known for films such as Star Wars, Harry Potter and Willow, Warwick Davis also presents a number of shows for television. In the second series of Weekend Escapes with Warwick Davis, Warwick and his family travel to Scotland to partake in the Edinburgh Fringe Festival, a highland games and a search for Nessie on Loch Ness.


We were contacted in the weeks before the family holiday to make a bespoke kilt for Warwick and his son Harrison. Warwick choose the Davidson Modern tartan for them to wear and this can be seen worn through the programme. It certainly helps them look the part when they take part in the highland games and the family all seemed quite fond of them.

If you missed the show you can view this on the STV Player (In Scotland) or ITV Player.

Crew - cropped

Thanks to the production team at Love Productions for sending us through a few pictures to show.

Top 10 Scottish Wedding Traditions

There are many Scottish wedding traditions that have evolved over centuries and incorporating a few of these into your wedding can create special memories for you and your guests. As a guide I’ve put together my top 10 traditions as a little inspiration for you.

A traditional hand fasting ceremony. Photo credit Eric-René Penoy

A traditional hand fasting ceremony. Photo credit Eric-René Penoy

1. Sixpence in your shoe

You may know the rhyme “Something old, new, borrowed blue” and in Scotland it ends “and a silver sixpence in her shoe”. This is given as a token of good fortune and placed inside the shoe.

2. Lucky White Heather

When it comes to your flowers it is considered good luck to have a sprig of white heather in your bouquet. It’s also a nice touch adding this to buttonholes.

3. Hire a piper

Piped music is romantic and traditional before, during and or after the ceremony.  A piper will traditionally pipe the bride into the ceremony and the couple out afterwards.  My favourite tune on the bagpipes is Highland Cathedral.

4. “Tying the Knot”

This saying is said to stem from the Celtic tradition of hand fasting. Traditionally this was just the term for a wedding ceremony but more recently has been used as part of a ceremony where the hands are joined and tied loosely with a length of fabric or ribbon as you “tie the knot”.

5. Pinning of tartan

To welcome a bride to the family a groom or his family may pin a sash of their fabric to the bride. In return the bride and her family can present the groom with his fly plaid and pin this on to him.

6. Toast with a quaich

Also known as “the loving cup” a toast with a quaich and is a great way for a couple to share their first drink together. By presenting each other with a drink and accepting this it’s a show of your togetherness. It can also be presented to the parents and or guests as a sign that you’re now all one family.

7. A scramble

The Groom (sometimes the bride’s father or Best Man) will take coins from his wallet or sporran and scatter out at waiting children, who then “Scramble” for them. The scramble is a made as a gesture for good fortune and wealth throughout the marriage.

8. A penny wedding

A community based wedding where the guests bring their own food and drink. It’s a great option for a budget conscious couple and for those who want to include everyone in their celebrations.

9. Ceilidh

A traditional Scottish Ceilidh (dance) is a great way to get a party started. A caller will often lead the dances so everyone can get involved. It’s unlikely you’ll have anyone sitting on the side-lines during these Scottish tunes.

10. Traditional gifts

Traditional gifts usually include a clock (usually given from the best man) and a luckenbooth brooch. The Luckenbooth brooch is pinned to the bride and then to the shawl of their baby at baby’s christening. The bride will also gift a shirt (a wedding sark) to the groom, in return the groom would buy the wedding dress.

A pewter quaich to share a toast with

A pewter quaich to share a toast with.

I hope this helps with a little inspiration for your Scottish wedding. Let us know what Scottish traditions you used for your special day.

Have you seen our Scottish wedding pages?

It should be no surprise that, being kilt experts, we absolutely love wedding season!
So, we have created two new Scottish wedding pages to provide a wee bit of inspiration for those of you either getting married or attending a Scottish wedding.

Scottish bride and groom

Have a look at our Scottish Wedding Inspiration page for some handy tips and ideas about how to stylishly add some Scottish tradition into your big day.

Our ‘What to wear to a Scottish Wedding‘ page is your go to guide when deciding what to wear and how to style your wedding outfit. Whether you’re the groom, best man or a guest, we have an option to suit every one!

Click below and be inspired…

Scottish Wedding InspirationWhat to Wear to a Scottish Wedding

 We love to see our happy customers on their wedding day. So, feel free to send in any photographs from your big day and have the chance to become one of our featured weddings!

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Wedding Focus: Matching Children’s and Adult’s Outfits

Children have an important role to play in weddings and it can be difficult to plan the perfect outfit for them. The ideal combination is one where they will enjoy dressing up but will also be comfortable for the whole day.

A wedding is often the first occasion where they get to wear a formal outfit and children enjoy wearing a similar outfit to the adults taking part. Many of our kilt outfits are made in the adults and children’s sizes to help create the perfect match.

Prince Charlie Outfit

Capture Capture-001

The most formal of outfits. The smaller kilts, jackets and accessories create a fabulous look for the children who have a lot of fun wearing these outfits.

The boys outfits are available in 4 of the same tartans as the men’s outfit or purchase a Bronze outfit for a matching custom tartan.


 Casual Outfit

Capture-002 A great option for warmer climates and for when you want to look the part but feel comfortable. The casual kilt outfit is the most popular option for children.

Wear the same tartan as the men’s outfit for a perfect match.



For both styles of outfits there are a range of stock tartans to choose from. There is also the option of having a kilt made in a custom tartan. Whilst the children’s kilt can only be worn for a couple of years, it’s then becomes a family heirloom that can be treasured and passed down to the next generation.