We’ve Finally Perfected Tartan Paint

We’re thrilled to announce a breakthrough product, available exclusively through buyakilt.com. Tartan Paint is the latest addition to our website and it has taken years of scientific and technological advances to allow us to be able to supply such a unique product to the Scottish community in a cost-effective manner.

We have employed the talents of Prof Hamish McTavish from the University of Edinburgh to create the hugely sought after Tartan Paint. This patented formula was perfected in Edinburgh and is exclusively available on buyakilt.com. It utilises micromolecular viscosity technology to keep each colour separate in the pot and during application. Similar technology has previously been used by NASA to help keep volatile rocket fuel stable during take-off, due to the heavy pressure exerted on spacecraft. You can read more about the technology behind this in the item description here.

To make it even more Scottish, the secret formula contains traces of Haggis and Irn Bru to colour the browns and oranges in various tartan patterns.

Tartan Paint is available in over 3,000 tartans and we are sure this will be a welcome addition to those in the building trade particularly young apprentices who are often tasked with the difficulty of finding this product. No longer will their search go in vain.

Thanks to all who responded to our April Fools Prank. Whilst tartan paint would be a wonderful creation unfortunately the real science hasn’t quite caught up our fictional creation.

Did we find a few Gowk’s today?

April fools day was originally the 1st Day of the new year and after it’s change to January 1st people who ignored or had forgotten the change were subject to being called fools.  In Scotland this tradition is also known as Hunt-the-Gowk Day with the gowk being the recipient of the joke.  “Gowk” is Scottish for cuckoo (an emblem for simpletons). It is celebrated over 48 hours whereby jokes are made on 2nd April are devoted to jokes involving the posterior. This is credited as being the origin of the “Kick Me” signs and is called Taily Day.

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2 thoughts on “We’ve Finally Perfected Tartan Paint

  1. Ruairidh Campbell

    After a very stressfull day, this was just a great unwinder for me! I just laughed and laughed. April Fools is just a great day and though I don’t get the chance to play many pranks, my lovely fiance’ did finally say “yes” on April 1st of last year. And yes, I thought she was joking! Happily she was not! Silly me.

  2. Rachel Post author

    Hi Ruairidh,

    Thanks for sharing this with us. Congratulations to you both on the engagement. Is it long till the wedding?

    I never know if people are being serioous on April Fools. I passed my driving test in this day and nearly talked myself out of it by questioning the instructor! Glad to hear your fiance meant her answer.

    Thanks again,


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