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3 Uses for Your Kilt This Summer


Alternative to shorts:

Hopefully where you are gets some sun this summer. Make the most of the sunshine by wearing your kilt as an alternative to shorts. Dress casually with a T shirt or a dress shirt, but get the kilt out. You’ll find it cooler to wear than trousers. Our budget kilts are perfect for everyday usage and travel really well if you’re travelling. Our kilt rolls make this even easier.

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If your social calendar is anything like ours you’ll have a couple of weddings to attend this summer. Take the stress out of planning your outfit by having your own kilt. No more stressing about what to wear or about hiring and returning outfits. Owning your own outfit is an affordable option and it is yours to wear anytime the occasion arises.

378980_10150380320719479_516464478_8169804_76050494_n Parades/Festivals:

Gala days, clan gatherings, music festivals, summer marches and parades. This time of year is full of events where you should wear your kilt. If you’re outside of Scotland it’s also a great way to show your Scottish heritage at such gatherings. Add a few day accessories such as a leather sporran and ghillie shirt to get the prefect casual look.


How will you wear yours?

Allegiance to the Clan

Most Scots know which clan they belong to and can trace this back centuries. Where this isn’t known, a little research along your family lines often leads to a discovery of their clan or perhaps even a few. It may be that your surname is a “sept” of a larger clan.


Historically the clan was made up of all of the people living under the chief of the clan’s land.

Whilst everyone recognises the tartan worn by a clan, another way to show your clan allegiance is by wearing a clan crest.

We work with some of the top suppliers in Scotland to bring you a whole range of clan crest items. Our range includes gift sets, traditional highland dress accessories and gifts.

You can view the full range here: Clan Crest Collection

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We also have an extensive library of clan crests and engrave these onto hipflasks, tankards or quaichs. Just select your crest from the library to view the range of items.

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All Things Irish

With St Patrick’s Day on the horizon, we’ve made it easier for you to find the items you need with a whole new category dedicated to all things Irish.


Visit our Irish Kilt Outfits and Accessories category today for specialist Irish outfits, including our 6 Piece Irish Outfit for under £80!

We’ve popped together a wide selection of accessories including the Irish Leather Sporran and Irish Claddagh Buckle to complete your outfit and show your heritage proudly.

For a great source on all things Irish and St Patrick’s Day visit

You’ll find a whole host of interesting facts and helpful articles to help you celebrate. You’ll also find a 10% discount code to use at

Choosing a Kilt Outfit- Advice and Top Tips

Buying the grooms outfit for a wedding shouldn’t be a difficult process. Whilst we make the buying process as easy as possible, this does leave you with just the choice of which kilt outfit to purchase.

We’ve put together a useful guide for grooms to choosing a kilt outfit for their wedding, including our top 3 tips for any groom.

This can be viewed at, a great wedding and event planning website.

plans and presents

New Product: Boys Bronze Outfits

The bronze outfit options are similar to our men’s bronze options. All include a custom made kilt and are supplied with stock accessories, including jackets and waistcoats, depending on outfit style.

This allows you the option to have your kilt made up from any tartan supplied by our mills. You can view these in our tartan finder.



Available outfits include, Prince Charlie, Casual, and Chieftain casual options.

Featured Product: Standard Fly Plaid

A fly plaid is the ultimate way to finish off your kilt outfit.

For a full dress or very formal look, the fly plaid with a complementary brooch really sets the outfit apart. It’s for this reason the groom at a wedding may often choose to wear the fly plaid. At a Scottish wedding where most people are in kilts it’s great to make the groom look his best.

The fly plaid is worn over the left shoulder with a jacket with epaulettes, such as  a Prince Charlie and fixed with a brooch.  The fly plaid is available is a choice of tartans, all double width cloths from our tartan database can be used, so it’s easy to find the one to match your

How to wear tartan Autumn 2013

High Streets across the country have really taken on the tartan trend this Autumn. After we saw tartan gracing many catwalks over the summer the big fashion retailers were sure to follow suit.

Here are our top picks, hints and tips for wearing tartan this season.

For Ladies:

  • A kilt is a staple for your wardrobe, not just for October but for years to come. Classic tartans such as Royal Stewart are always in fashion.
  • For the key autumn look, wear your kilt with a blouse and a biker jacket. Come winter you can then pair with a chunky knit for a cosy but trendy look.
  • A tartan stole adds elegance to any outfit. The stole will keep you warm on cold crisp days.
  • An easy way to add tartan to any outfit is with a tartan scarf. Our cashmere scarves are a firm favourite.




For Men:

  • We’ve spotted many celebrities sporting tartan ties and bow ties. When you shop at you have the option of getting over 500 different tartans.
  • It’s time to put your vest to good use. Don’t just wait for kilt wearing opportunities, pair with a pair of formal trews or even your denims for a smart/casual look.
  • The tartan flat cap is seeing a fashion revival and are now seen as a fashion item. This is a top fashionable, but functional item.




As always, we’re on hand to offer advice on style and selection.

Let us know how you’ll be wearing tartan this year, by posting on Facebook and Twitter.

Revealed: What’s under a Scotsman’s kilt

We recently supplied Prince Charlie kilt outfits to Jackpot Joy for their latest ad, which you can see below:

The advert, which is also a game online, asks the audience to pick the “real” Scotsman from a line up of 3 gentlemen. The kilts are then blown up to reveal what really is under a Scotsman’s kilt.

GB-KRYSThe producers of the advert ran into a problem when shooting the advert; Our budget 8 yard kilts were just too heavy to be blown up and were unable to feature in the advert. These kilts are usually worn for casual or formal events, where you definitely don’t want to reveal what’s under your kilt!

It’s great that Jackpot Joy tested the quality of the budget kilts for us. The weight of the budget kilts really do stand up against our traditional kilts.

Kilt Outfit Sale

December will soon be here with numerous Christmas functions and of course Hogmanay celebrations. You’ll find that it’s often cheaper to buy than rent if you have a number of functions (See the following article: Why buy a kilt instead of hiring).

Our outfits currently have up to 15% discount giving you the best deal for outfits this Winter.

The biggest savings can be made with the Gold Prince Charlie Outfit which is now priced at £886.91 (from £1085.33). This really is the best you can get with a hand stitched made to measure kilt, sterling silver accessories and luxury jacket and vest. For formal occasions and weddings this is THE outfit to wear. VIEW HERE.

To get the most of your outfit you want to be able to wear this as often as possible. An Argyll outfit is our most versatile outfit and will see you through Christmas parties to summer weddings (via Burns Night and a Ceilidh).

Take a browse through our outfits category to find the perfect one for you. For help, tips and advice follow us on Twitter or like our Facebook page.



5 ways to wear your kilt

I often speak to people who decide to buy a kilt rather than hire one due to rising hire costs. It can make sense for your wallet even if you are wearing a kilt on 2 or 3 occasions. By changing just a few key items you can create a number of different outfits based around your kilt that are suitable for a whole range of occasions.

1. Prince Charlie Outfit

For most people this is the first kilt outfit they will wear. Most commonly seen at weddings and formal occasions the Prince Charlie outfit can be purchased from just £251.06 for a complete package. Worn with a bow tie this is the Scottish Equivalent of a black tie outfit.

 2. Make The Look Contemporary

Try wearing your Prince Charlie outfit with a  a Victoria collar shirt and ruched tie. Add a 5 button waistcoat to transform this outfit into a more contemporary look. Worn with our without the jacket this is now suitable for less formal events or a ceilidh.

3. Go Casual

It’s amazing the difference a shirt makes. A ghillie shirt is a great option for wearing your kilt to highland games and ceilidh’s. Wear this with a leather sporran and either your brogues or regular day shoes.

4. Everyday Wear

Team your kilt with a cashmere jumper for a kilt outfit which meets everyday requirements. You can add a clan or tartan tie to dress this outfit up.

5. Take it on Tour

There is no denying the Scots are in town for rugby or football matches when a kilted army of supporters arrive. Wear a rugby shirt with a poly-viscose kilt for this match day look. Suitable for travelling and match day, you’ll be able to travel light.

These are just a few suggestions for making the most of your kilt outfit. Other suggestions can be found on Share your outfit choices with a post or picture on Facebook or Twitter.