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Our customers are very important to us, and we want you to enjoy visiting us as much as we enjoy you popping by. So with you in mind, we have made some little changes to our brogues category. The most exciting change of all is the introduction of our Ghillie Brogues. These ghillie brogues have been designed by us, especially for our customers.


We know you want to get the best value for your money, and with leather soles, and steel quarter tips, these brogues are our best value shoes yet. We haven’t stopped there – we have also made sure these brogues look and feel amazing to wear. They have cushioned leather insoles, and a modern style, so you can feel proud (and comfortable) whenever you wear these ghillie brogues.

Finally, we wanted to make sure that you can easily compare and choose which brogues you like the best when you visit us. You might have noticed our bigger images, and we have also taken lots of new pictures of all the brogues for you to see. There is even a new product description, and some new names. So next time you’re passing by, why not take a peek at our new brogues category, and see if there is anything that catches your eye.

Maybe they weren’t such little changes after all!

New Product: Baby Braveheart Outfit

For babies, it is especially important that they will be comfortable in their clothes, so we’ve found a kilt outfit that is perfect for little ones. This outfit includes a Velcro fastening kilt that can be easily adjusted, a sporran that can be gently tied with a leather lace, and soft, cotton mix kilt hose and ghillie shirt, so you can be sure they will be happy, and cute as a button, all day long.

What’s even better is that that the whole outfit, (excluding the sporran and leather lacing), is machine washable, so no matter how messy your little one might get it can be easily put in the laundry ready for next time.


This outfit is available in 40 different tartans and to fit tiny tots age 0 – 3 years. We know that a cream ghillie shirt and hose aren’t always what you’re looking for, so this outfit also offers a black option. With so much choice there’s something for everyone, whether it’s your special little guy and his first proper kilt outfit, or a little princess who wants to feel and look special, too.

This outfit all comes packaged together in a gift box, so it is also perfect as a present; we’re sure your favourite expecting parents would feel very lucky to receive this outfit. You can find it in our childrenswear category with all our other kids clothing for you to choose from.

New Products: Ladies Shawls

Our custom ladies shawl is made up in your chosen tartan. With hundreds of variations available you’ll be able to wear the tartan of your clan, or an equally stylish colour combination such as the stunning Isle of Skye tartan shown in the picture below.


Top recommendations for shawl wearing

  • Wear over a jumper for added warmth
  • Add a chunky brooch to hold in place over your shoulders
  • A great way to add tartan to an outfit
  • Suitable for formal and casual occasions.
  • Drape across your shoulders and pin at the waist for use as a sash.

A versatile and stylish shawl is a key piece for a ladies wardrobe.

A range of stock tartans are kept if you require something a little faster.

New Product: Boys Ties

Two new styles of ties added to our childrenswear category, a ruched tie and a custom made tartan tie. These are the perfect way to finish off an outfit and excellent for matching with an adults outfit.

ML-TTCUSTThe custom made tartan tie allows you to select from the thousands of tartans and fabrics available in our tartan database. This is a great option for wearing with a matching kilt, tartan trews or other formal trousers. Just in time for Christmas and Hogmanay parties, this is the perfect way to add a little tartan to an outfit.

New Product: Boys Bronze Outfits

The bronze outfit options are similar to our men’s bronze options. All include a custom made kilt and are supplied with stock accessories, including jackets and waistcoats, depending on outfit style.

This allows you the option to have your kilt made up from any tartan supplied by our mills. You can view these in our tartan finder.



Available outfits include, Prince Charlie, Casual, and Chieftain casual options.

Budget 5 Yard Kilt

After many requests, we have now added a 5 yard kilt to our budget poly-viscose range. These are perfect as a party kilt, and are already proving popular for rugby tours, scout outings and stag do’s.

They’re made from the same heavyweight poly-viscose fabric as our 8 yard budget kilts, making them a great casual alternative to your traditional kilt.

You may choose to wear a budget 5 yard kilt instead of an 8 yard kilt, particularly when travelling abroad where luggage space is at a premium. Having less material makes this kilt lighter and therefore ideal for hotter climates.

The 5 yard poly-viscose kilts have longer straps which make the sizes more flexible, and adjust for a great fit. We’ve currently got a choice of 6 tartans available including adding a Granite Grey tartan to our range. gb-k5grg

View the full range here.

New Item: Ladies Custom Made Tartan Sash

A beautiful sash made to order in your choice of tartan and now available from With thousands of tartans to choose from, this sash is perfect for adding a little Scottish style to an outfit or for matching with a partners kilt.


With St Andrew’s Day, Hogmany and Burns Night all on the horizon, you’re sure to get many invites requiring a little tartan to be worn. A sash is the best option for wearing a traditional or fashion item whilst still showing your Scottish Heritage.

The sash can be fastened with a brooch (sold separately) at the hip, adding another feminine touch to your outfit.

Budget kilts now available up to size 58″

We now have in stock 5 different tartans available up to fit up to a 58″ waist.

Available tartans:


Available sizes:

  • 50″-54″
  • 54″-58″

Each kilt is the smallest size when fully done up, but the long leather straps extend by at least 4 inches to fit the largest size in the range.

We hope to extend the range of tartans over the next few months so watch this space or subscribe to our newsletter to be the first to find out.


Ladies items now available

We’ve had numerous requests for ladies items in the past, and having listened to these, we have sourced a great selection of items. Any visitors to will now see that we’ve been able to add a ladies wear category.

For ladies, tartan is a classic fashion staple, it never truly goes out of fashion and each year it’s seen throughout the seasons on catwalks and being worn by high profile celebrities. These are the ones who obviously have style.

For formal occasions many ladies choose to wear a sash to match their partner’s kilt. We have a range of 4 tartans to choose from including the Black Watch, Freedom and Heritage of Scotland tartans that correspond with the men’s kilts. A sash is also a popular option for Scottish weddings, allowing the bride to wear a small piece of tartan with a traditional white dress.

We have also added ladies kilts and corsets. The kilts are available in a range of lengths and tartans to suit all tastes. My favourite being the Bruce of Kinnaird for the vibrant colours.

Our ladies range also includes shoes, hats, scarves and beautiful stoles (just in time for winter)

Let us know what you think of our new additions on Facebook or Twitter.