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Back In Stock

After a Christmas rush on our popular tartan rugs, I’m pleased to say that our hugely popular Antique Buchanan tartan rug is now back in stock.

Tartan blankets are a great gift for someone this Christmas. They’re roughly 60″ by 70″ in size, which makes them big enough to cover your car seats, to throw over your couch or any of the other useful things you can think of to do with them.

We’ve also upgraded our processing time of our lambswool tartan rugs and can now dispatch them within 1 working day. So, if you’re looking for a rug to snuggle up in this cold winter season, a lambswool tartan rug may be the ideal solution.

Prince Charlie Outfits

We constantly review our kilt outfit packages to ensure that they are built from the best value items we can find so that we know we are offering great outfits.

I’m pleased to announce today that many of our prince charlie outfits now feature a new range of  sporrans to choose from. We made this move in light of the impending ban on the use of sealskin, so have introduced 4 new options including a faux longhair sealskin full dress sporran, a black bovine full dress sporran, dark  bovine full dress sporran and a light bovine full dress sporran.

You can also find these new sporrans, which are exclusive to Macdonald Sporrans, available individually in our store via the links above.

Tartan Scarves on eBay

We’ve just added our extensive range of pure new wool tartan scarves to eBay.

All these scarves are made from 100% pure new wool and woven in a multitude of tartans including popular clan tartans and generic Scottish tartans.

With over 170 tartans to choose from, we’re sure you’ll find at least one to suit a loved one this Christmas. As the darkness draws in and the days get colder…it’s not a minute too soon!

Faux Sealskin

It’s about time that we stopped selling sealskin, and other animal furs, and that process took a big step forward today.

We’ve just launched 3 new semi dress sporrans that will become our core stock and will replace our existing semi dress range.

These include our faux sealskin semi dress sporran, and two bovine options – light bovine semi dress sporran and dark bovine semi dress sporran.

More Information

We’ve just updated our ‘All About Kilts’ page which features information on everything to do with kilts.

We’ve re-organised it slightly with new headings to group the content into 4 distinct headings: about kilts, tartans, buying guides and fun stuff!

We’ve also added some new pages: kilt jackets explained, kilt outfits explained, choosing a sporran and our tartan database.

We hope you’ll find them useful, and if there’s anything that you think we should include, please let us know.

Organic Cotton T-Shirts

We’ve just increased our range of organic cotton t-shirts.

We started producing ethical t-shirts earlier this year and did an initial run of just 2 designs. We were extremely happy with them and have launched 4 new designs today.

We have more designs in the pipeline, so stay tuned for more t-shirts coming soon.

1000 Items on eBay!

It’s time to celebrate here at Macdonald Sporrans, our eBay store now has over 1000 items for sale! Recent additions this month include some very classy ruched ties in a lovely variety of colours. We have packaged these with some formal dress shirts, which can also be bought separately. Also, we have added some kilt belt & buckle sets, choose from a beautiful range of belt buckles featuring Celtic and Scottish designs. A great way to finish off your kilt package.

If you’re hunting around for your ideal kilt outfit but don’t quite know what a box pleat is, or can’t decide between a hand stitched kilt or a machine stitched kilt, then head over to our kilt information pages to find out all about kilts.

EU Ban On Seal Skin

The recent news that the EU have voted overwhelmingly to ban trade of seal skin products has been welcomed by us at Macdonald Sporrans.

We’ve traded in seal skin for about 18 months and we’ve never quite made up our minds as to how ethical it is. We’ve promoted suppliers which use ethically sourced seal skin products, but i’ve always felt that it is a bit of a half-measure.

I’m proud to announce today that we will endorse this ban on seal skin products proactively. We will actively remove all seal skin products from our site over the coming weeks, and will promote our entirely seal skin free sporran range in the near future.

Clarity and Honesty

We sell a very wide range of products at, and understand the key difficulties of buying products over the internet – you can’t see, feel, touch, smell products before you buy them. So, how do you know what quality of product you’re going to get? Simply – you don’t. It’s not hard to advertise a cubic zirconia as a diamond, but when the customer receives it – they’re not going to be happy.

To combat this problem, and offer more clarity for our customers, we’re bringing in a rating system for many of our products. We’re beginning by tackling leather goods and have introduced a leather grading system to help classify our leather products by their quality.

At present, the most obvious indicator for all our products is the price. A £20 sporran is simply not going to be the same quality as a £200 sporran! However, by including this rating system, we hope to offer more insight into the actual quality of the item – and let you (the customer) make up your own mind.

In line with this, we also work hard to continually improve the quality of our products and i am pleased to say that we are pushing many of our lower priced leather goods from a grade 3 leather to a grade 2 leather. Unfortunately, occassionally this means a small price increase, but we’re confident that our customers will be more than happy with the upgrade in quality.

For example, our new budget casual kilt outfit have had their sporrans upgraded from grade 3 to grade 2 leather, belts upgraded from grade 3 to grade 2 leather, belt buckles improved considerably and their sgian dubhs upgraded from a black safety sgian dubh to a real stag horn model.

Our new full deluxe casual kilt outfit with a stock kilt is now only £199!, while the full deluxe casual kilt outfit with a custom made kilt is only £319!

We’re really pleased about these new outfits – we feel that they offer suberb value for money and we’re sure you’ll be just as happy when you receive yours!

Create Your Own Kilt Outfit

We’ve just updated our custom casual kilt outfit to include some new products, and to reflect some recent price decreases.

Check it out today to create your own kilt outfit at a great price. You can include including a kilt, ghillie shirt, rugby shirt, leather sporran, semi dress sporran, full dress sporran, kilt belt, kilt belt buckles, brogues, hose, flashes, sgian dubhs and kilt pins. You must buy at least 2 items, but we’re sure you’ll find something there that you love.