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New Category Page Layout

We recently updated our product page layout to make it more simple. I’m pleased to say, we’ve just extended that new design onto our category page.

Old Design

Old Category Page Layout

New Design

New Category PageWe think the new layout is much cleaner and simpler. We’ve also removed the sidebar completely, moving the navigation into a dropdown at the top of the page instead.

We’re confident that the much larger images and clearer layout makes it easier for you to find your perfect kilt outfit.

The Path to Simplicity

We’re on a mission at the moment to make our site simpler. We want it to be so easy to use, that it just feels natural.

Part of that, is having bigger product images, and recently, we made our first step down that path by introducing a new product page design. Here’s the before and after shots:

Out with the old

Old Product Page

In with the new

New Product PageAs you can see, we made the image a whole lot bigger, and we brought the additional images onto the page below it. Previously we still had those images, but they were a little hidden away.
We hope you like the new change – the data we’ve gathered so far seems to suggest you do. We certainly love it when we browse the site – it feels much nicer.

PS stay tuned for an update to our category page coming soon….

Making It Simple

We have a goal here at to be the best place to buy a kilt. That’s a big, scary goal, but then that’s what goals should be! Something to challenge you and make you do better.

Big goals are achieved through small steps. Today, we made some small steps to achieve that. We simplified our top navigation.



NewWhat We’ve Done

We’ve spaced out the items a little bit, and we’ve used fewer words for each product group. For example just ‘Hose’ instead of ‘Kilt Hose’. We think this makes it easier to scan the list and find what you’re looking for.

Product Organisation

We’ve also grouped products into simpler categories. For example, previously in the Sporrans category, we had sub-categories for ‘Full Dress Sporrans’, ‘Semi Dress Sporrans’ and ‘Leather Sporrans’. Now, we show you all our sporrans, and you can filter down to the specific style if you want to. It brings the products closer to you, and therefore should make it simpler to find the product you’re looking for.

Reduced Shipping Rates

We work with a number of carriers to be able to offer our customers the fastest and the cheapest delivery options, at times five or six different shipping methods were offered for shipping, you can see how this may have been confusing.

We’ve simplified shipping into no more than three methods, now offering Economy, Standard or Express delivery.

What do these shipping methods mean?

Economy  may be the slowest method, usually 2nd class. It’s untracked so no signature will be required upon delivery.

Standard is a 1st class service. Depending on the size and value of the parcel it may go untracked.Delivery in the UK is usually 1-2 working days but as a standard service is not guaranteed.

Express If you’re in a hurry, this is the option to go for. We’ll use Interlink Express for next working day delivery in the UK and FedEx or Interlink Express for worldwide deliveries. Express service will often be next day for USA and Canada.

Cost of shipping reduced by up to 30%

In reducing these options we have found that the cost of shipping to the customer is now reduced by between twenty and thirty percent.

We’ve combined a few of our shipping options to get our new shipping rates, this has led to a reduction in many of the shipping charges, we’ve passed this directly back to the customer.

New Site Design Makes Shopping Easier

A few changes have been made to the site over the last few weeks. These changes should make browsing the site easier.

We’ve moved the search bar and contact information into the middle so it’s now even easier to find what you’re looking for. Our opening hours are also clearly displayed so if you need any help you can contact us during these times. After hours, you can email or leave us a voice mail.

On the right hand side you’ll see a currency converter. This is the flag and £GBP. Just click on this and you’ll be able to view the currency in Euros, Australian, Canadian and American Dollars.

newsletter redesign

The red header bar now displays our main categories, by clicking on any of these, you’ll easily find your way to the subcategories with links to our sister sites and our information centre.

Watch this space for more updates over the coming weeks as we continue to improve your shopping experience at



Results from our latest photo shoot now online

Have you spotted these yet? Nice clean, slick images showing our outfits from various angles and allowing you a full view of what you’re buying.

We took extra time to take pictures from many angles so that you can see the full outfit. You can also now view close ups of individual items. This is particularly useful where detail is key. For example the fly plaid and brooch shown in our Gold Prince Charlie Outfit.

All of the new images can be seen on the site. The majority of these are in outfits, but you’ll see examples across the whole site.

We thought you might like to see a few behind the scenes pictures from our shoot. I hope you like.




New Info Centre Launched

We hinted in our last post that we had a new Info Centre on the way, and I’m pleased to say that it’s now fully live and ready for use!

Our Info Centre brings together all our information articles across the site, into a single place where they can be browsed and navigated more easily. Not just that, but we think it looks pretty good too!

buyakilt Info Centre Homepage

You can check out our new Info Centre here, and as always, we’d love to heard your thoughts on what you think about it.

New Addition to Info Centre: Tartan Day

We’ve been busy updating our information centre on Our latest article gives a little back ground on Tartan Day.

Held on April 6th, this relatively unknown event (in Scotland) is growing in popularity, especially in the USA and Canada. As far as we’re concerned another day to celebrate our Scottish Heritage is never a bad thing.

You can view the Tartan Day article by clicking here.

Let us know via Facebook or Twitter how you’ll be celebrating.

All Our Kilts – In One Place

When made a small change to our kilts category today that makes it easier to find the kilt you’re looking for.

Previously, our range of kilts were split between 4 sub-categories, so you could only view one range of kilts at a time.

Today, we’ve put all of our kilts into a single category, so that you can compare them side by side. We’ve also added a couple of filters so that you can narrow down the list a little.

We’ve been trialling this change for a few weeks and the feedback has been that having all the kilts together is much better, so we’ve rolled it out for everyone today.

View our full range of kilts at