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Burns Night Discount

With just under 2 weeks until Burns Night (25th January) we’d like to give you 10% off your next order.

Just enter the code burns10 at checkout to get 10% off your order.

Get 10% off all of your essentials for the big night including….

Sgian Dubhs

GT-SD3_Open8 yard kilts

gb-khos_detailand Ladies Sashes

lc-tlsFor more information on Burns Night and how to celebrate, view our latest article to our info centre.

Revealed: What’s under a Scotsman’s kilt

We recently supplied Prince Charlie kilt outfits to Jackpot Joy for their latest ad, which you can see below:


The advert, which is also a game online, asks the audience to pick the “real” Scotsman from a line up of 3 gentlemen. The kilts are then blown up to reveal what really is under a Scotsman’s kilt.

GB-KRYSThe producers of the advert ran into a problem when shooting the advert; Our budget 8 yard kilts were just too heavy to be blown up and were unable to feature in the advert. These kilts are usually worn for casual or formal events, where you definitely don’t want to reveal what’s under your kilt!

It’s great that Jackpot Joy tested the quality of the budget kilts for us. The weight of the budget kilts really do stand up against our traditional kilts.

New Tartan Cloths Added

We are constantly reviewing and developing the extensive range of tartan cloths that we offer and as a result we look to increase our selection wherever possible. We are pleased to say that one of the mills we are partnered with, Marton Mills, have unveiled more than 50 new tartan designs which we have now incorporated into our Tartan Finder.

We have worked with Marton Mills for a number of years and have found they offer an affordable quality product which has proved popular with our customers. Marton Mills was founded in 1931 as a textile manufacturer but changed from predominately knitted production to a weaving base in 1980 in response to a changing market. Based in West Yorkshire this family-owned and managed business take pride in every order, independent of size, to ensure they meet their aim of weaving high quality, good value fabrics which are fit for purpose and delivered on time.

All of the new cloths are from Marton Mills’ Jura range, which is a 16oz 100% wool – the traditional heavy weight ideal for kilts. Using their sulzer loom they are able to produce using a tuck in selvedge ideal for the hem and as standard all tartans are finished with a Teflon coating which ensures if you have any spills you are able to wipe clean easily and quickly.

Within this new range of cloths on sale there are some completely brand new designs to be found. We are sure cloths such as Casey, Grey Highlander, Scottish National Black and Eternity will be very popular for customers looking for items such as kilts, fly plaids and trews.

We hope that these tartans will be just the beginning of an ongoing effort to increase the range of tartans we offer. Possible links with more mills across the UK are hopefully due to be made in the near future and this is just part of our determination to give our customers the best choice for the best price.

Kilts Category Update

We have been working hard to extend and improve the range of kilts we offer at buyakilt.com and we are pleased to announce a complete overhaul to our kilts category.

There are now four individual sections in the kilt category and they are as follows:

5 Yard Kilts – This category contains custom made 5 yard kilts, brand new emblem kilts and wool stock kilts.

8 Yard Kilts – This category contains custom made 8 yard kilts and brand new emblem kilts.

Budget Kilts – Our poly-viscose stock kilt has now been broken down into the individual tartans to make it easier for you to see which tartan is best for you. These can now be found in the Casual Kilts section and still listed with 30% off!

Fashion Kilts – These are a brand new addition to our website and we are sure they will be a great success for those looking to make an unique impression whatever the occasion.

We hope by separating the different styles into individual categories that this will make it easier for visitors to the website to find the kilt that is best for them. However, we haven’t stopped there; we will be looking to extend our kilts range further in the near future in order to offer the best possible choice available.

As always, we welcome any feedback on these changes and indeed any facet of the websites.

Kilt Voted World’s Best Traditional Item

We like to think here at Macdonald Sporrans that the kilt is a pretty damn sexy piece of clothing. And now it is official. In a recent poll of international traditional clothing, 67 per cent of respondents put the kilt in top position, with many women describing it as “very attractive” on a man – single guys take note!

The survey of 2,034 people by travel website www.sunshine.co.uk showed the kilt was streets ahead of it’s nearest rivals – the kimono from Japan and the hulu skirt from Hawaii; the Mexican sombrero was also popular. However, German lederhosen was considered “very unfashionable” by 87 per cent of people.

In a more humorous aspect of the results, as many as 24 per cent thought the shell suit best represented England’s national dress.

The kilt has enjoyed a constant popularity over the years and lately prominent fashion designers such as Alexander McQueen and Vivienne Westwood have brought the item onto the catwalks of the fashion world; most prominently the New York fashion show, “Dressed to Kilt”.

Tessa Hartmann, Scottish Fashion week organiser has said: “The kilt is one of the most iconic fashion outfits in the world. It dates back to the 16th century and has been constantly updated. Designers continue to do different things with it; people like Paul Smith, Vivienne Westwood and the late Alexander McQueen have had great fun with the kilt.”

She added: “If you can pull off (wearing] a kilt, you can excel. It’s much more of a statement than a black tie.”

We ourselves have seen a great increase of kilts being sold to countries such as Australia, France, Germany and even as far as Singapore. This just goes to show that you don’t have to be Scottish to wear a kilt and look great. So if you are looking to wow the ladies at your next wedding do then get in touch!

5 Yard Custom Made Kilts

We’re pleased to announce a staggering £30 discount on our 5 yard custom made kilts. This price drop is not part of our sale, but part of our continual strive to improve our products and services. This kilt is custom made to order in Scotland by experienced kilt makers, and can be made from tartan cloth from many of the large Scottish mills and weavers including Lochcarron and House of Edgar.

You may also want to view our 8 yard custom made kilt and 8 yard stock kilts.

8 Yard Kilts and Kilt Outfits

Great news! All our kilt packages now include 8 yard kilts in all tartans and sizes – as default!

For a few months now, we’ve been slowly changing our 5 yard kilts to 8 yard kilts, but we are pleased to announce that now all kilts will be sent in the 8 yard version. The really great part for you, our valued customers, is that the price will stay exactly the same!

We’ll be selling off our remaining stock of 5 yard kilts at a special discounted rate.