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New Product: Baby Braveheart Outfit

For babies, it is especially important that they will be comfortable in their clothes, so we’ve found a kilt outfit that is perfect for little ones. This outfit includes a Velcro fastening kilt that can be easily adjusted, a sporran that can be gently tied with a leather lace, and soft, cotton mix kilt hose and ghillie shirt, so you can be sure they will be happy, and cute as a button, all day long.

What’s even better is that that the whole outfit, (excluding the sporran and leather lacing), is machine washable, so no matter how messy your little one might get it can be easily put in the laundry ready for next time.


This outfit is available in 40 different tartans and to fit tiny tots age 0 – 3 years. We know that a cream ghillie shirt and hose aren’t always what you’re looking for, so this outfit also offers a black option. With so much choice there’s something for everyone, whether it’s your special little guy and his first proper kilt outfit, or a little princess who wants to feel and look special, too.

This outfit all comes packaged together in a gift box, so it is also perfect as a present; we’re sure your favourite expecting parents would feel very lucky to receive this outfit. You can find it in our childrenswear category with all our other kids clothing for you to choose from.

St Patricks Day: Show your Irish heritage

St Patrick’s Day is just around the corner, for Irish and those of Irish decent this is a day to celebrate your heritage. Many people will attend parties and parades and what better way to celebrate by wearing a kilt outfit to show your heritage. The pipe bands marching in parades will wear a kilt of either a plain colour which displays their regiments, a county tartan or quite often a generic tartan such as Heritage of Ireland.

The largest St Patrick’s Day parade takes place is in New York and has been held every year on March 17th since 1762, this year marking it’s 250th anniversary. This is primarily a military parade with many pipe bands, and up to 300,000 participants. Irish Pipe bands will often wear kilts are part of their uniform and are joined by numerous kilt wearers amongst the spectators.

It is fitting that the largest St Patrick’s parade is held in the USA seeing as 11.9% of Americans can trace their heritage back to Ireland. 22 of the US presidents including 44th President Barack Obama trace their roots back to Ireland.

For a limited run only we have added a section to our website dedicated to Irish outfits making it easy for you to view our range. Leading up to St Patrick’s Day you’ll also find these items on sale. Show everyone this year your Irish heritage and get ready to join one of the biggest celebrations in the world.

Kilts – Pants or No Pants?

When asking such a question, you have to consider various factors. By popular belief, Scotsmen wear nothing under their kilts. So why is this, and more importantly, should you?

Well, let’s travel back to the days when battles scarred Scottish soil. In those times, armies were constantly evolving and trying to think of ways to distract and destroy the enemy. The Romans had their durable formations, the English employed huge barrages of arrows, and the Scots? The Scots allegedly flashed.

Whether this was to show they were tough enough to march through stinging nettles with no pants on is unsure. But one thing’s for certain – it won them a few battles. While wearing nothing under a kilt is a supposed tradition, it’s up for debate whether this is entirely acceptable.

Leading Scottish kilt-makers are changing their hire terms. Indeed, you won’t find a kilt on Edinburgh’s Royal Mile without signing a disclaimer. And it’s not just the common man who’s asked to be careful with his kilt – Ewan McGregor, Sean Connery and Billy Connolly have all been there.

March of the Kilts

One hire firm has actually come up with a rhyme to get their message across:

‘Though Scots like to prance

About in their kilts wearing nae pants

Fir the next punter make it fair

Dinnae firgit to wear a pair.’

The question’s still up for debate, and it really is your decision to make. But if we had to advise on the ‘pants or no pants’ question, we’d suggest wearing underwear even if the kilt’s your own.

After all, you can always find other ways to offend your mother-in-law.

Kilt Outfit Sale!

Being the nice people we are here at Macdonald Sporrans we felt it would be a good idea to put some of our most popular kilt outfits on sale for those seeking to look the part at any upcoming weddings or events. We feel that it is always nice to buy a great quality outfit but even better to buy it it for a low low cost. And so, our Kilt Outfit Sale was born! The sale has been running for a month now and it has been such a success that we have decided to extend it for a further month… So if you are looking for a formal or casual outfit for any occasion this Summer then now is the best time to get some great bargains!

While we are on the subject of kilt outfits it seems appropriate to point out some subtle (but important) changes to our kilt outfits. Regular visitors to our site may have seen that we sell three different levels of outfit – bronze, silver and gold. We previously had two different types of bronze outfit however: our “Bronze Outfit – Stock Kilt” and our “Bronze Outfit“. These packages were named as such because one had our stock budget kilt and the other had a custom made kilt. Confused yet? Well we were too, and therefore decided to rename our “Bronze Outfit – Stock Kilt” to be “Budget Outfit“. Simple!

This means we now have four different level of outfit of which you can see a brief description of each below:

Our budget range offers a low cost quality outfit and includes our best value items for those looking to keep costs low.

Our bronze range offers a complete package at an affordable price, with a custom made 5 yard kilt and choice of Scottish sporrans available.

Our silver range includes a custom made 8 yard kilt and classic accessories, to give a superb all-round outfit.

Our gold range is carefully selected to include the most exquisite and luxurious components available to create truly elegant outfits. Most of the items in the outfit will be custom made for you, so can be altered upon request.

Another change we have made is to remove the 8 yard custom made kilt from our Bronze Outfits and instead include a 5 yard custom made kilt. This was decided in order to make the Bronze Outfit a nice midway compromise between our Budget Outfits, which include a poly-viscose kilt, and our Silver Outfits, which include an 8 yard custom made kilt. What it also means is that all our Bronze Outfits are now roughly £130 cheaper than previously!

Our Prince Charlie Budget Outfits have also undergone a small tweak. These outfits previously included a Scottish made full dress sporran which was incredibly expensive (almost 1/3rd of the entire outfit cost!). In order to achieve a more affordable competitively priced outfit we have now replaced this sporran option with a choice of imported sporrans. This has meant the Prince Charlie Budget Outfits have dropped roughly £70 in price! For those looking for a Scottish made sporran please don’t worry – these outfits all have the option to upgrade to a Scottish made sporran. Plus you will still find that 80% of our outfits include Scottish made sporrans.

As always please let us know what you feel about these changes and any other points of interest you may have, on Twitter and Facebook.

New Tartan Cloths Added

We are constantly reviewing and developing the extensive range of tartan cloths that we offer and as a result we look to increase our selection wherever possible. We are pleased to say that one of the mills we are partnered with, Marton Mills, have unveiled more than 50 new tartan designs which we have now incorporated into our Tartan Finder.

We have worked with Marton Mills for a number of years and have found they offer an affordable quality product which has proved popular with our customers. Marton Mills was founded in 1931 as a textile manufacturer but changed from predominately knitted production to a weaving base in 1980 in response to a changing market. Based in West Yorkshire this family-owned and managed business take pride in every order, independent of size, to ensure they meet their aim of weaving high quality, good value fabrics which are fit for purpose and delivered on time.

All of the new cloths are from Marton Mills’ Jura range, which is a 16oz 100% wool – the traditional heavy weight ideal for kilts. Using their sulzer loom they are able to produce using a tuck in selvedge ideal for the hem and as standard all tartans are finished with a Teflon coating which ensures if you have any spills you are able to wipe clean easily and quickly.

Within this new range of cloths on sale there are some completely brand new designs to be found. We are sure cloths such as Casey, Grey Highlander, Scottish National Black and Eternity will be very popular for customers looking for items such as kilts, fly plaids and trews.

We hope that these tartans will be just the beginning of an ongoing effort to increase the range of tartans we offer. Possible links with more mills across the UK are hopefully due to be made in the near future and this is just part of our determination to give our customers the best choice for the best price.

Kilt Outfits Price Reduction

We’re pleased to announce that we’ve just reviewed and reduced the prices of many of our hugely popular prince charlie kilt outfits and argyll kilt outfits.

Many of the kilt outfits have come down in price, some by over £50!

However, we have got 1 price increase, and it’s something we’re quite pleased about. Our Contemporary Prince Charlie Black Shadow Outfit has gone up slightly, however, the outfit has been improved considerably. It now features significantly better quality accessories, including full leather brogues, custom made belt and buckle, contemporary functional sgian dubh and funky thistle kilt pin.

We hope you’ll like the new changes and as always, please let us know if you have any comments or suggestions.

St Andrew’s Day

With St Andrews Day approaching quickly, it’s that time when everyone digs deep into their wardrobe to pull out their pieces of tartan.

Forget the scraps of tartan, see out this St Andrews Day in style with a new kilt, and you’re guaranteed to be the talk of the town!* WIth our casual kilt outfits starting at only £74, there’s definitely something to fit everyone’s style and budget.

*”Talk of the town” cannot be guaranteed in all occassions, but you will look a dapper shade of proud!

Wedding Season

As we get well and truly into the wedding season this summer, many people get out their tuxs and kilts from the cupboard. We have all the bits and bobs that you might need to add the finishing touch to an existing kilt outfit, and offer simply amazing deals on new outfits.

Our Traditional Prince Charlie Kilt Outfit is the perfect attire for a wedding or another formal event. It’s a black tie outfit that really looks the part, without costing an arm and a leg! Kilt rental for a wedding weekend (if you can find one available) will cost £60-£90 – you can buy your very own outfit at only 3-4 times that price! That means if you’ll wear it 4 or more times in your life, then you’ll have saved money…and trust me…once you realise how people start treating a man in a kilt…you’ll have it on every other weekend!

If you’re just not the traditional kind of guy, we also have a Contemporary Prince Charlie Kilt Outfit, with a more modern touch to the classic design.

We would also like to wish all the brides and grooms the very best throughout this wedding season…and we’ll keep our fingers crossed for less rain and more sunshine come Saturday!

Argyll Outfits

We’ve recently updated our Argyll outfits and we now offer a Traditional Argyll Outfit at only £289 and a Contemporary Argyll Outfit at £349. Both outfits include an 8 yard stock kilt available in 15 tartans, or can be upgraded to a custom made 8 yard pure wool kilt for an additional £240. Check out our full range of Argyll Outfits here.

8 Yard Kilts and Kilt Outfits

Great news! All our kilt packages now include 8 yard kilts in all tartans and sizes – as default!

For a few months now, we’ve been slowly changing our 5 yard kilts to 8 yard kilts, but we are pleased to announce that now all kilts will be sent in the 8 yard version. The really great part for you, our valued customers, is that the price will stay exactly the same!

We’ll be selling off our remaining stock of 5 yard kilts at a special discounted rate.