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Revealed: What’s under a Scotsman’s kilt

We recently supplied Prince Charlie kilt outfits to Jackpot Joy for their latest ad, which you can see below:


The advert, which is also a game online, asks the audience to pick the “real” Scotsman from a line up of 3 gentlemen. The kilts are then blown up to reveal what really is under a Scotsman’s kilt.

GB-KRYSThe producers of the advert ran into a problem when shooting the advert; Our budget 8 yard kilts were just too heavy to be blown up and were unable to feature in the advert. These kilts are usually worn for casual or formal events, where you definitely don’t want to reveal what’s under your kilt!

It’s great that Jackpot Joy tested the quality of the budget kilts for us. The weight of the budget kilts really do stand up against our traditional kilts.

Burns Night Sale

We’ve only just recovered from Hogmanay and already in Scotland we’re planning the next event. Burns Night on January 25th is always a highlight in a Scot’s calendar.

In the run up to Burns Night you’ll find over 300 items on sale at buyakilt.com. With a range of essentials for the big night including, sgian dubh’s, kilts, and trousers, all at reduced prices, you’ll be sure to look the part at your Burn’s night suppers.

Highlights of the sale include;

10% OFF Stock kilt outfits

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Kilt Outfits Explained

You may remember back in June I blogged about some subtle changes we made to how we display the great range of kilt outfits we have on buyakilt.com. Well we weren’t quite finished there and as such have been busy beavering away in our efforts to offer an even better, streamlined experience for any intrepid outfit hunter.

As a result we are proud to present our new, improved, life enhancing (well, maybe not that last one..) range of kilt outfits! Now the first thing you may ask yourself is: where have all the outfits gone? This would be a perfectly reasonable thing to ask as it is by far our biggest change – we have cut our range from a staggering 54 outfits down to 34, and 10 outfit categories down to 6.

This was done to maintain a more streamlined approach and surprisingly you will find that even though we have cut the amount of outfits by roughly 40%, the actual choice within those outfits is as good as if not better than it was previously. Let me explain…

Previously for all formal kilt outfits we had a contemporary version and a traditional version of each style (eg. Contemporary Prince Charlie Budget Outfit and Traditional Prince Charlie Budget Outfit). At the time this made perfect sense as it allowed us to offer a choice of styles within the range, but what we found was that it led to a rather inflated amount of outfits. Now, as both outfits were essentially the same (with a few key differences such as shirt, tie and waistcoat) the most logical thing to do was to combine the outfits (eg. Budget Prince Charlie Kilt Outfit) and offer a choice of outfit styles within the outfit. It seems so obvious now that we think of it! This led to a dramatic reduction of outfits in the formal range.

Within the casual range we had a whole host of outfit styles – Casual Outfits, Deluxe Casual Outfits, Rugby Casual Outfits, Irish Casual Outfits etc etc etc. In other words, way too many for any sane person to make their choice. Again, with a bit of clever tinkering we were able to combine a whole host of these outfits and brought them all together under the fantastic title – Casual Outfits.

Now again you may think that your choice of outfits has been greatly reduced, but that is where our Create Your Own range come in. Our Custom Formal Kilt Outfit and Custom Casual Kilt Outfit have all the options you could get in any of the budget outfits but with the added beauty of being able to pick which items you do (or don’t) want. Combine this with a whole host of added options spread through all our outfits and we hope you will agree that these changes will not simply streamline your shopping experience, but also improve it!

Love the changes? Hate the changes? We look forward to any thoughts. As always you can find us in the usual places on Twitter and Facebook.


Brown Sporrans and Brown Kilt Belts

We’ve just slashed our prices on our brown leather sporrans and brown kilt belts to clear existing stock.

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Kilt Outfits Updated

Over the next few days we will be updating our full selection of Scottish Highland kilt outfits.

Our Casual Kilt Outfits, Deluxe Casual Kilt Outfits, Rugby Kilt Outfits, Prince Charlie Kilt Outfits, and Argyll Outfits will all be updated to make it easier to find exactly what you’re looking for at Macdonald Sporrans Kilt Warehouse Outlet.

We will also be updating our custom kilt outfit to include a greater range of products.