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Clarity and Honesty

We sell a very wide range of products at buyakilt.com, and understand the key difficulties of buying products over the internet – you can’t see, feel, touch, smell products before you buy them. So, how do you know what quality of product you’re going to get? Simply – you don’t. It’s not hard to advertise a cubic zirconia as a diamond, but when the customer receives it – they’re not going to be happy.

To combat this problem, and offer more clarity for our customers, we’re bringing in a rating system for many of our products. We’re beginning by tackling leather goods and have introduced a leather grading system to help classify our leather products by their quality.

At present, the most obvious indicator for all our products is the price. A £20 sporran is simply not going to be the same quality as a £200 sporran! However, by including this rating system, we hope to offer more insight into the actual quality of the item – and let you (the customer) make up your own mind.

In line with this, we also work hard to continually improve the quality of our products and i am pleased to say that we are pushing many of our lower priced leather goods from a grade 3 leather to a grade 2 leather. Unfortunately, occassionally this means a small price increase, but we’re confident that our customers will be more than happy with the upgrade in quality.

For example, our new budget casual kilt outfit have had their sporrans upgraded from grade 3 to grade 2 leather, belts upgraded from grade 3 to grade 2 leather, belt buckles improved considerably and their sgian dubhs upgraded from a black safety sgian dubh to a real stag horn model.

Our new full deluxe casual kilt outfit with a stock kilt is now only £199!, while the full deluxe casual kilt outfit with a custom made kilt is only £319!

We’re really pleased about these new outfits – we feel that they offer suberb value for money and we’re sure you’ll be just as happy when you receive yours!