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Birthday Discount

To celebrate our 10th birthday we’re offering £10 off your next order. Simply spend £50 or more and enter the code birthday10 at checkout.


This discount can be used at any of the Macdonald Sporrans sites so be sure to check them out.


and of course on buyakilt.com

Valid until 31st July 2014.

Learn more about our 10th birthday by visiting the Macdonald Sporrans blog.

10th Anniversary Competition

buyakilt.com started life out as Macdonald Sporrans on Ebay 10 years ago this month. A lot has changed since then including the launch of 5 different retail sites.

As part of our celebrations we’re looking for a cool new design to be engraved onto a limited edition run of our pewter hip flasks and sold on buyahipflask.com. Could your design be good enough to be chosen?

For full details of the competition view the post on the Macdonald Sporrans Blog.

Good Luck.

8 Yard Kilts and Kilt Outfits

Great news! All our kilt packages now include 8 yard kilts in all tartans and sizes – as default!

For a few months now, we’ve been slowly changing our 5 yard kilts to 8 yard kilts, but we are pleased to announce that now all kilts will be sent in the 8 yard version. The really great part for you, our valued customers, is that the price will stay exactly the same!

We’ll be selling off our remaining stock of 5 yard kilts at a special discounted rate.

Kilt Outfits Updated

Over the next few days we will be updating our full selection of Scottish Highland kilt outfits.

Our Casual Kilt Outfits, Deluxe Casual Kilt Outfits, Rugby Kilt Outfits, Prince Charlie Kilt Outfits, and Argyll Outfits will all be updated to make it easier to find exactly what you’re looking for at Macdonald Sporrans Kilt Warehouse Outlet.

We will also be updating our custom kilt outfit to include a greater range of products.

Prince Charlie Kilt Wedding Outfit

We’re pleased to announce the launch of our new Prince Charlie kilt wedding outfit!

This outfit combines the best features of our hugely successful Prince Charlie outfit, with the more formal touches of a Victoria wing collar shirt, ruche tie, and tartan plaid and brooch to make this outfit that little bit extra special.