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buyakilt.com Ghillie Brogues

Our customers are very important to us, and we want you to enjoy visiting us as much as we enjoy you popping by. So with you in mind, we have made some little changes to our brogues category. The most exciting change of all is the introduction of our buyakilt.com Ghillie Brogues. These ghillie brogues have been designed by us, especially for our customers.


We know you want to get the best value for your money, and with leather soles, and steel quarter tips, these brogues are our best value shoes yet. We haven’t stopped there – we have also made sure these brogues look and feel amazing to wear. They have cushioned leather insoles, and a modern style, so you can feel proud (and comfortable) whenever you wear these ghillie brogues.

Finally, we wanted to make sure that you can easily compare and choose which brogues you like the best when you visit us. You might have noticed our bigger images, and we have also taken lots of new pictures of all the brogues for you to see. There is even a new product description, and some new names. So next time you’re passing by, why not take a peek at our new brogues category, and see if there is anything that catches your eye.

Maybe they weren’t such little changes after all!

Ladies items now available

We’ve had numerous requests for ladies items in the past, and having listened to these, we have sourced a great selection of items. Any visitors to buyakilt.com will now see that we’ve been able to add a ladies wear category.

For ladies, tartan is a classic fashion staple, it never truly goes out of fashion and each year it’s seen throughout the seasons on catwalks and being worn by high profile celebrities. These are the ones who obviously have style.

For formal occasions many ladies choose to wear a sash to match their partner’s kilt. We have a range of 4 tartans to choose from including the Black Watch, Freedom and Heritage of Scotland tartans that correspond with the men’s kilts. A sash is also a popular option for Scottish weddings, allowing the bride to wear a small piece of tartan with a traditional white dress.

We have also added ladies kilts and corsets. The kilts are available in a range of lengths and tartans to suit all tastes. My favourite being the Bruce of Kinnaird for the vibrant colours.

Our ladies range also includes shoes, hats, scarves and beautiful stoles (just in time for winter)

Let us know what you think of our new additions on Facebook or Twitter.

Kilt Outfits Explained

You may remember back in June I blogged about some subtle changes we made to how we display the great range of kilt outfits we have on buyakilt.com. Well we weren’t quite finished there and as such have been busy beavering away in our efforts to offer an even better, streamlined experience for any intrepid outfit hunter.

As a result we are proud to present our new, improved, life enhancing (well, maybe not that last one..) range of kilt outfits! Now the first thing you may ask yourself is: where have all the outfits gone? This would be a perfectly reasonable thing to ask as it is by far our biggest change – we have cut our range from a staggering 54 outfits down to 34, and 10 outfit categories down to 6.

This was done to maintain a more streamlined approach and surprisingly you will find that even though we have cut the amount of outfits by roughly 40%, the actual choice within those outfits is as good as if not better than it was previously. Let me explain…

Previously for all formal kilt outfits we had a contemporary version and a traditional version of each style (eg. Contemporary Prince Charlie Budget Outfit and Traditional Prince Charlie Budget Outfit). At the time this made perfect sense as it allowed us to offer a choice of styles within the range, but what we found was that it led to a rather inflated amount of outfits. Now, as both outfits were essentially the same (with a few key differences such as shirt, tie and waistcoat) the most logical thing to do was to combine the outfits (eg. Budget Prince Charlie Kilt Outfit) and offer a choice of outfit styles within the outfit. It seems so obvious now that we think of it! This led to a dramatic reduction of outfits in the formal range.

Within the casual range we had a whole host of outfit styles – Casual Outfits, Deluxe Casual Outfits, Rugby Casual Outfits, Irish Casual Outfits etc etc etc. In other words, way too many for any sane person to make their choice. Again, with a bit of clever tinkering we were able to combine a whole host of these outfits and brought them all together under the fantastic title – Casual Outfits.

Now again you may think that your choice of outfits has been greatly reduced, but that is where our Create Your Own range come in. Our Custom Formal Kilt Outfit and Custom Casual Kilt Outfit have all the options you could get in any of the budget outfits but with the added beauty of being able to pick which items you do (or don’t) want. Combine this with a whole host of added options spread through all our outfits and we hope you will agree that these changes will not simply streamline your shopping experience, but also improve it!

Love the changes? Hate the changes? We look forward to any thoughts. As always you can find us in the usual places on Twitter and Facebook.


New Doublet Jacket Range

In our ever continuing pursuit of providing highland wear to suit any occasion we are proud to present our new range of doublet jackets. These jackets offer another alternative to the more formal Prince Charlie jacket and with their snug fit give a retro style that we hope will prove popular with visitors to our site.

Doublet Jackets are similar to mess jackets (military style jacket commonly used in the 30’s as an alternative to the white dinner jacket), with buttoned gauntlet cuffs and some styles have no lapels. They are more typically worn with a lace jabot (a clothing accessory worn around the neck) and cuff set, and a high-buttoned waistcoat. The highland doublet is Jacobean in style and may date to that period or earlier.

They are traditionally made from velvet material but modern kilt doublets are more likely to be made with 100% wool, with satin lapels and may feature epaulettes.

Most kilt doublets have a row of silver heraldic buttons on each side and styles such as Montrose and Sheriffmuir are always worn with a belt over the jacket.

As doublet jackets are more traditional in style they are usually worn with full dress sporrans for formal occasions.

Please do let us know what you think of this new range via the usual outlets of Facebook and Twitter.

St Andrew’s Day Gifts

On the 30th of November, Scots around the world celebrate our national day. St Andrew’s Day is the feast day of Saint Andrew and is normally marked by parties and events across the globe.

Recent years have seen this occasion marked by a series of significant cultural events in Scotland. At Edinburgh Castle, on St Andrew’s Day 1996, the Stone of Scone was returned to Scotland. Two years later the Museum of Scotland was first opened to the public. On St Andrew’s Day 1999 the Queen officially opened the restored Great Hall of Stirling Castle. The first 50 members of the Scottish Sports Hall of Fame were formally inducted on St Andrew’s Day 2002. In 2006, more than 60 nations around the world held events celebrating Scotland’s patron saint.

To mark this occasion we are pleased to announce a new range of items themed with St Andrew’s in mind. This range incorporates the official Armorial bearings of the Royal and Ancient Burgh of St. Andrews. They depict St. Andrew, the Patron Saint of Scotland, holding the St. Andrews Cross (The Saltire), the wild boars that used to roam the area in medieval times and bear the Latin motto of the Royal and Ancient Burgh of St. Andrews ‘Dum Spiro Spero’ (‘While there is life, there is hope’).

We have a beautifully made Sgian Dubh with St Andrews badge and blue stone top. To compliment this item we have a sword Kilt Pin with St Andrews badge and themed Cufflinks, Lapel Pin and Brooch. For that extra special gift, a set of three of the items is available in a magnificent presentation case.

These items are produced in old fashioned Pewter, with a plated finish of Palladium (ensuring that they are scratch resistant and tarnish free); and are beautifully presented in a leatherette blue box.

We hope you like these new additions and we ask you to get those orders in quick so that you can celebrate our special day with these fantastic items.

New House of Cheviot Hose

We are delighted to unveil an brand new range of kilt hose and socks on our website. These wonderful socks are hand made in Scotland by world renowned sock makers, The House of Cheviot.

The House of Cheviot is situated in the historic town of Hawick in the Scottish Borders, an area famous for its knitwear. Their clientele ranges from royalty to gamekeepers, and their military connections include the Royal Regiment of Scotland. They have had a long association of working with the film industry and you may have recognised some of their products in the Harry Potter films for which they created the Hogwarts socks, pullovers and scarves.

At the House of Cheviot, they combine traditional skills developed over 200 years with the very latest knitting technology, to produce the finest collection of country and kilt socks. During manufacture, House of Cheviot products pass through many pairs of skilled hands, ensuring that all of their finished garments are of a consistently high standard.

We are now confident that we have a range of kilt hose and socks to meet every need. Whether you desire luxury cashmere socks, patterned kilt hose or thick country socks, you can find all these and more on buyakilt.com. We are very excited to stock these wonderful hose and we are sure they will be extremely popular with all visitors to our site.

Please feel free to let us know what you think of this fantastic new range, and as always we welcome any comments from our readers.

Kilt Hats & Caps

We have just unveiled a whole brand new category on buyakilt.com. Our new Hats & cap Badges category includes a host of new hats, tammys and cap badges; perfect for completing your kilt outfit or for keeping you warm in the coming winter months.

Our Glengarry range includes choices for any budget; from our basic Glengarries all the way through to our custom made luxury versions. The Glengarry cap (or bonnet) is a traditional boat shaped hat without a peak with a toorie (pom pom) on top, rosette cockade on the left, and ribbons hanging down behind. It is worn as part of Scottish Highland dress as an alternative to the Balmoral cap.

For a more traditional hat why not try out our Balmoral Hats? The Balmoral cap is a Scottish hat that can be worn as part of formal or informal Highland dress. It dates back as far as the 16th Century and takes the form of a knitted, soft wool cap with a flat crown. The hat is named after Balmoral Castle, which is a royal residence in Scotland.

We also have a number of tartan tammys and barnton caps in a range of exciting and traditional tartans. These hats offer a more casual look for day to day wear and are especially good for keeping your head warm in the cold winter months!

Our cap badges are a perfect way to compliment your chosen headwear. Why not show your allegiance with our clan crest cap badges? There are also Irish themed badges for our Gaelic neighbours and other Scottish themed badges to highlight your patriotism.

This new category is further proof of our ongoing commitment to offer you the best choice available in Highland Dress websites. Look out in the near future for a range of new items which will keep you warm in the winter!

New Lambswool and Cashmere Scarves

We have introduced an number of new scarves to go with our already extensive clan tartan range. We have now added two new scarves category to cover Lambswool tartan scarves and Cashmere scarves. These scarves are perfect for the damp Spring weather we have been experiencing lately and in fact are a great year round fashion accessory. We believe that this new range will provide our customers with a great choice in price and styles and are very pleased to finally unveil these items.

Our lambswool scarves come in a variety of colours and patterns including tartans and checks.These scarves cover styles ranging from our Autumn Check scarf in baby blue, pink and yellow colours all the way to our Wallace tartan scarf in Dark red, black and yellow tartan.

Each scarf measures roughly 60″ by 12″ or 150cm by 30cm and is made from 100% pure lambswool. These scarves are available at an astonishingly low price of £7.36 so offer a great quality budget alternative to our other scarf ranges.

Our cashmere scarves offer a great high quality alternative and are also available in a wide range of solid colours, check patterns and tartans. These scarves provide a new style of clothing at Macdonald Sporrans as they are not exclusively made up of tartans. We have styles such as the Plain Baby Pink Cashmere Scarf or the Multicoloured Stripe Cashmere Scarf which we believe will be fantastic additions to the website.

Each scarf measures roughly 60″ by 12″ or 150cm by 30cm and is made from 100% pure cashmere. These scarves are available at a great value price of £24.56 so offer a fantastic quality alternative to our other scarf ranges.

All our scarves are perfect for a highly valued gift for someone close or even as a little treat to yourself. Check out our Tartan Scarves section now to see the amazing range of choice we now have .

New Items

Hello there, just a quick update on some new products we have recently added to our site and also our eBay store.

Firstly, for those of you who haven’t been affected by The Recession™,  we have some exquisite hallmarked silver quaichs in a variety of sizes. These start at a modest £197.80 going up to an eye watering £1,614.60! Don’t fret however because there are also some equally beautiful silver plated quaichs for the rest of us whose pockets aren’t quite so deep!

Secondly, if you’re out and about this summer at a music festival or simply out for a nice walk in the country, a tartan rug can come in handy for picnics or wrapping up warm in your tent!