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Wedding Focus: Matching Children’s and Adult’s Outfits

Children have an important role to play in weddings and it can be difficult to plan the perfect outfit for them. The ideal combination is one where they will enjoy dressing up but will also be comfortable for the whole day.

A wedding is often the first occasion where they get to wear a formal outfit and children enjoy wearing a similar outfit to the adults taking part. Many of our kilt outfits are made in the adults and children’s sizes to help create the perfect match.

Prince Charlie Outfit

Capture Capture-001

The most formal of outfits. The smaller kilts, jackets and accessories create a fabulous look for the children who have a lot of fun wearing these outfits.

The boys outfits are available in 4 of the same tartans as the men’s outfit or purchase a Bronze outfit for a matching custom tartan.


 Casual Outfit

Capture-002 A great option for warmer climates and for when you want to look the part but feel comfortable. The casual kilt outfit is the most popular option for children.

Wear the same tartan as the men’s outfit for a perfect match.



For both styles of outfits there are a range of stock tartans to choose from. There is also the option of having a kilt made in a custom tartan. Whilst the children’s kilt can only be worn for a couple of years, it’s then becomes a family heirloom that can be treasured and passed down to the next generation.

Share Your Wedding

We love weddings. We love the happiness of the event but we also love it when you choose us to play a part in your wedding. Our team love nothing better than getting to know you and helping you with outfits, favours, gifts and accessories. It’s always great when we see photos from the wedding. Whether you’re the happy couple or a kilted guest we’d love for you to share your photos. Why not apply to be our featured wedding.

Ken Green 2 96169 378980_10150380320719479_516464478_8169804_76050494_n Ken Green 1

How to apply:

Email hello@buyakilt.com with your photo’s, order number/s and a little bit of information about yourself and your wedding.


  • You should be a buyakilt.com customer
  • You must have permission to use the photos and for us to share them or use for promotion
  • The wedding should have taken place within the last year

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Choosing a Kilt Outfit- Advice and Top Tips

Buying the grooms outfit for a wedding shouldn’t be a difficult process. Whilst we make the buying process as easy as possible, this does leave you with just the choice of which kilt outfit to purchase.

We’ve put together a useful guide for grooms to choosing a kilt outfit for their wedding, including our top 3 tips for any groom.

This can be viewed at www.mrspandp.com, a great wedding and event planning website.

plans and presents

New Product: Boys Bronze Outfits

The bronze outfit options are similar to our men’s bronze options. All include a custom made kilt and are supplied with stock accessories, including jackets and waistcoats, depending on outfit style.

This allows you the option to have your kilt made up from any tartan supplied by our mills. You can view these in our tartan finder.



Available outfits include, Prince Charlie, Casual, and Chieftain casual options.

Results from our latest photo shoot now online

Have you spotted these yet? Nice clean, slick images showing our outfits from various angles and allowing you a full view of what you’re buying.

We took extra time to take pictures from many angles so that you can see the full outfit. You can also now view close ups of individual items. This is particularly useful where detail is key. For example the fly plaid and brooch shown in our Gold Prince Charlie Outfit.

All of the new images can be seen on the site. The majority of these are in outfits, but you’ll see examples across the whole site.

We thought you might like to see a few behind the scenes pictures from our shoot. I hope you like.




5 ways to wear your kilt

I often speak to people who decide to buy a kilt rather than hire one due to rising hire costs. It can make sense for your wallet even if you are wearing a kilt on 2 or 3 occasions. By changing just a few key items you can create a number of different outfits based around your kilt that are suitable for a whole range of occasions.

1. Prince Charlie Outfit

For most people this is the first kilt outfit they will wear. Most commonly seen at weddings and formal occasions the Prince Charlie outfit can be purchased from just £251.06 for a complete package. Worn with a bow tie this is the Scottish Equivalent of a black tie outfit.

 2. Make The Look Contemporary

Try wearing your Prince Charlie outfit with a  a Victoria collar shirt and ruched tie. Add a 5 button waistcoat to transform this outfit into a more contemporary look. Worn with our without the jacket this is now suitable for less formal events or a ceilidh.

3. Go Casual

It’s amazing the difference a shirt makes. A ghillie shirt is a great option for wearing your kilt to highland games and ceilidh’s. Wear this with a leather sporran and either your brogues or regular day shoes.

4. Everyday Wear

Team your kilt with a cashmere jumper for a kilt outfit which meets everyday requirements. You can add a clan or tartan tie to dress this outfit up.

5. Take it on Tour

There is no denying the Scots are in town for rugby or football matches when a kilted army of supporters arrive. Wear a rugby shirt with a poly-viscose kilt for this match day look. Suitable for travelling and match day, you’ll be able to travel light.

These are just a few suggestions for making the most of your kilt outfit. Other suggestions can be found on buyakilt.com. Share your outfit choices with a post or picture on Facebook or Twitter.

Happy Thanksgiving

Happy Thanksgiving to all our American and Scottish American friends.

More than 9 million American are Scottish or from Scottish decent. These links are proudly shown in a number of American tartans. Perhaps one of the most appropriate to wear today is the American Heritage tartan, (see below). This tartan was created for Americans with or without Celtic Heritage. You can see the colours red, white and blue, of the American flag represented in this tartan.

Traditionally held on the fourth Thursday in November this holiday has it’s roots in the Autumn harvest feasts held by Pilgrim settlers. This festival marks the start of the holiday season in the run up to Christmas.

We have a number of other American tartans, including a Scottish American tartan. These tartans look particularly great made as trews to wear at formal occasions, or a waistcoat made in your tartan to brighten up a traditional kilt outfit. These would make ideal gifts or a treat for yourself this party season.

We’d love to hear how you are celebrating this thanksgiving and if you’re putting a Scottish twist on your celebrations. Stop by our Facebook or Twitter page and let us know.



Like Father, Like Son

Let your children enjoy the excitement of wearing a highland outfit and matching the adults amongst your party. It’s great to have boys in matching boys kilts and with our  new range of boys kilts, boys kilt outfits and boys kilt accessories for children you can now make this happen. They are perfectly sized and proportioned to give your wee man his first taste of highland dress. Ideal for weddings and formal occasions, we can supply outfits for ages 0-12 years old.

Our new range of boys kilts include the popular tartans of Black Watch, Hamilton Grey, Heritage of Scotland, Royal Stewart and a plain black option. We also sell the adult outfits and kilts in the same tartans to allow you to create matching outfits. These are made to the same quality as our adult equivalent, just a little bit smaller.

These outfits will surely make your wee man the centre of attention and will display your Scottish heritage with pride for you and for him.

With Prince Charlie Jackets, waistcoats, belts, buckles, shirts, sporrans and hose to compliment the outfit, you can ensure that your boy looks stylish on every occasion.

To go directly to our new range click here