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Revealed: What’s under a Scotsman’s kilt

We recently supplied Prince Charlie kilt outfits to Jackpot Joy for their latest ad, which you can see below:


The advert, which is also a game online, asks the audience to pick the “real” Scotsman from a line up of 3 gentlemen. The kilts are then blown up to reveal what really is under a Scotsman’s kilt.

GB-KRYSThe producers of the advert ran into a problem when shooting the advert; Our budget 8 yard kilts were just too heavy to be blown up and were unable to feature in the advert. These kilts are usually worn for casual or formal events, where you definitely don’t want to reveal what’s under your kilt!

It’s great that Jackpot Joy tested the quality of the budget kilts for us. The weight of the budget kilts really do stand up against our traditional kilts.

Kilt Outfits Explained

You may remember back in June I blogged about some subtle changes we made to how we display the great range of kilt outfits we have on buyakilt.com. Well we weren’t quite finished there and as such have been busy beavering away in our efforts to offer an even better, streamlined experience for any intrepid outfit hunter.

As a result we are proud to present our new, improved, life enhancing (well, maybe not that last one..) range of kilt outfits! Now the first thing you may ask yourself is: where have all the outfits gone? This would be a perfectly reasonable thing to ask as it is by far our biggest change – we have cut our range from a staggering 54 outfits down to 34, and 10 outfit categories down to 6.

This was done to maintain a more streamlined approach and surprisingly you will find that even though we have cut the amount of outfits by roughly 40%, the actual choice within those outfits is as good as if not better than it was previously. Let me explain…

Previously for all formal kilt outfits we had a contemporary version and a traditional version of each style (eg. Contemporary Prince Charlie Budget Outfit and Traditional Prince Charlie Budget Outfit). At the time this made perfect sense as it allowed us to offer a choice of styles within the range, but what we found was that it led to a rather inflated amount of outfits. Now, as both outfits were essentially the same (with a few key differences such as shirt, tie and waistcoat) the most logical thing to do was to combine the outfits (eg. Budget Prince Charlie Kilt Outfit) and offer a choice of outfit styles within the outfit. It seems so obvious now that we think of it! This led to a dramatic reduction of outfits in the formal range.

Within the casual range we had a whole host of outfit styles – Casual Outfits, Deluxe Casual Outfits, Rugby Casual Outfits, Irish Casual Outfits etc etc etc. In other words, way too many for any sane person to make their choice. Again, with a bit of clever tinkering we were able to combine a whole host of these outfits and brought them all together under the fantastic title – Casual Outfits.

Now again you may think that your choice of outfits has been greatly reduced, but that is where our Create Your Own range come in. Our Custom Formal Kilt Outfit and Custom Casual Kilt Outfit have all the options you could get in any of the budget outfits but with the added beauty of being able to pick which items you do (or don’t) want. Combine this with a whole host of added options spread through all our outfits and we hope you will agree that these changes will not simply streamline your shopping experience, but also improve it!

Love the changes? Hate the changes? We look forward to any thoughts. As always you can find us in the usual places on Twitter and Facebook.


Kilt Outfit Sale!

Being the nice people we are here at Macdonald Sporrans we felt it would be a good idea to put some of our most popular kilt outfits on sale for those seeking to look the part at any upcoming weddings or events. We feel that it is always nice to buy a great quality outfit but even better to buy it it for a low low cost. And so, our Kilt Outfit Sale was born! The sale has been running for a month now and it has been such a success that we have decided to extend it for a further month… So if you are looking for a formal or casual outfit for any occasion this Summer then now is the best time to get some great bargains!

While we are on the subject of kilt outfits it seems appropriate to point out some subtle (but important) changes to our kilt outfits. Regular visitors to our site may have seen that we sell three different levels of outfit – bronze, silver and gold. We previously had two different types of bronze outfit however: our “Bronze Outfit – Stock Kilt” and our “Bronze Outfit“. These packages were named as such because one had our stock budget kilt and the other had a custom made kilt. Confused yet? Well we were too, and therefore decided to rename our “Bronze Outfit – Stock Kilt” to be “Budget Outfit“. Simple!

This means we now have four different level of outfit of which you can see a brief description of each below:

Our budget range offers a low cost quality outfit and includes our best value items for those looking to keep costs low.

Our bronze range offers a complete package at an affordable price, with a custom made 5 yard kilt and choice of Scottish sporrans available.

Our silver range includes a custom made 8 yard kilt and classic accessories, to give a superb all-round outfit.

Our gold range is carefully selected to include the most exquisite and luxurious components available to create truly elegant outfits. Most of the items in the outfit will be custom made for you, so can be altered upon request.

Another change we have made is to remove the 8 yard custom made kilt from our Bronze Outfits and instead include a 5 yard custom made kilt. This was decided in order to make the Bronze Outfit a nice midway compromise between our Budget Outfits, which include a poly-viscose kilt, and our Silver Outfits, which include an 8 yard custom made kilt. What it also means is that all our Bronze Outfits are now roughly £130 cheaper than previously!

Our Prince Charlie Budget Outfits have also undergone a small tweak. These outfits previously included a Scottish made full dress sporran which was incredibly expensive (almost 1/3rd of the entire outfit cost!). In order to achieve a more affordable competitively priced outfit we have now replaced this sporran option with a choice of imported sporrans. This has meant the Prince Charlie Budget Outfits have dropped roughly £70 in price! For those looking for a Scottish made sporran please don’t worry – these outfits all have the option to upgrade to a Scottish made sporran. Plus you will still find that 80% of our outfits include Scottish made sporrans.

As always please let us know what you feel about these changes and any other points of interest you may have, on Twitter and Facebook.

Kilt Outfits Price Reduction

We’re pleased to announce that we’ve just reviewed and reduced the prices of many of our hugely popular prince charlie kilt outfits and argyll kilt outfits.

Many of the kilt outfits have come down in price, some by over £50!

However, we have got 1 price increase, and it’s something we’re quite pleased about. Our Contemporary Prince Charlie Black Shadow Outfit has gone up slightly, however, the outfit has been improved considerably. It now features significantly better quality accessories, including full leather brogues, custom made belt and buckle, contemporary functional sgian dubh and funky thistle kilt pin.

We hope you’ll like the new changes and as always, please let us know if you have any comments or suggestions.

Wedding Season

As we get well and truly into the wedding season this summer, many people get out their tuxs and kilts from the cupboard. We have all the bits and bobs that you might need to add the finishing touch to an existing kilt outfit, and offer simply amazing deals on new outfits.

Our Traditional Prince Charlie Kilt Outfit is the perfect attire for a wedding or another formal event. It’s a black tie outfit that really looks the part, without costing an arm and a leg! Kilt rental for a wedding weekend (if you can find one available) will cost £60-£90 – you can buy your very own outfit at only 3-4 times that price! That means if you’ll wear it 4 or more times in your life, then you’ll have saved money…and trust me…once you realise how people start treating a man in a kilt…you’ll have it on every other weekend!

If you’re just not the traditional kind of guy, we also have a Contemporary Prince Charlie Kilt Outfit, with a more modern touch to the classic design.

We would also like to wish all the brides and grooms the very best throughout this wedding season…and we’ll keep our fingers crossed for less rain and more sunshine come Saturday!

Prince Charlie Kilt Wedding Outfit

We’re pleased to announce the launch of our new Prince Charlie kilt wedding outfit!

This outfit combines the best features of our hugely successful Prince Charlie outfit, with the more formal touches of a Victoria wing collar shirt, ruche tie, and tartan plaid and brooch to make this outfit that little bit extra special.