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Kilts – Pants or No Pants?

When asking such a question, you have to consider various factors. By popular belief, Scotsmen wear nothing under their kilts. So why is this, and more importantly, should you?

Well, let’s travel back to the days when battles scarred Scottish soil. In those times, armies were constantly evolving and trying to think of ways to distract and destroy the enemy. The Romans had their durable formations, the English employed huge barrages of arrows, and the Scots? The Scots allegedly flashed.

Whether this was to show they were tough enough to march through stinging nettles with no pants on is unsure. But one thing’s for certain – it won them a few battles. While wearing nothing under a kilt is a supposed tradition, it’s up for debate whether this is entirely acceptable.

Leading Scottish kilt-makers are changing their hire terms. Indeed, you won’t find a kilt on Edinburgh’s Royal Mile without signing a disclaimer. And it’s not just the common man who’s asked to be careful with his kilt – Ewan McGregor, Sean Connery and Billy Connolly have all been there.

March of the Kilts

One hire firm has actually come up with a rhyme to get their message across:

‘Though Scots like to prance

About in their kilts wearing nae pants

Fir the next punter make it fair

Dinnae firgit to wear a pair.’

The question’s still up for debate, and it really is your decision to make. But if we had to advise on the ‘pants or no pants’ question, we’d suggest wearing underwear even if the kilt’s your own.

After all, you can always find other ways to offend your mother-in-law.

April 6th Officially declared as Tartan Day in Canada

Since the late 1980’s in Nova Scotia, Canada, April 6th has been recognised officially as Tartan Day to celebrate the Scottish heritage of this region.  With over 4 million Canadians with Scottish heritage this has now been officially recognised by the federal government and announced today by The Honourable James Moore, Minister of Canadian Heritage and Official Languages.

“A tartan represents a clan, a family, and a community, and is an enduring symbol of Scotland that is cherished by Canadians of Scottish ancestry,” said Minister Moore. “Many Canadian provinces and other countries already celebrate Tartan Day. As well, through Tartan Day, Canadians will have an opportunity to learn more about the various cultures that comprise Canadian society.”

Since 2008 the USA has recognised April 6th as National Tartan day and April 6th is also recognised as Tartan Day in Argentina (around 100,000 people of Scottish decent) and also in Scotland by the Angus Council.  The Scottish Australian Heritage Council encourages Australians to wear tartan on July 1st.

April 6th has been chosen as Tartan day as it was the anniversary of the Declaration of Arbroath, the Scottish declaration of independence.  Tartan days typically have parades of pipe bands, highland dancing and other Scottish themed events and celebrations.

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