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Wedding trends we’re loving

The wedding season is underway this year and we’re thrilled to play an important part in so many of your weddings.

Whether you’re the happy couple or a guest sharing their big day we’re sure you’ll see a number of these trends at weddings this year and well into 2016.


Whilst the shabby chic and DIY themes are still on trend, the return to full glamour will be a feature of many weddings this year. Think brides in ball gown dresses and grooms in black tie/tuxedo. In fact our most formal of outfits the Prince Charlie Outfit will be perfect for the glamorous wedding, both for the groom and for guests.

Unusual wedding venues

Those couples looking to really impress will opt for a venue to get people talking. In Scotland there is no shortage of castles to impress and the fact that your able to get married outdoors in Scotland makes most ideas a real possibility. Just take a look at this Buzzfeed post for inspiration.

From zoos to breweries and farms to theatres, a venue that allows the couple to have fun and show a little of their personality is going to feature highly on 2015/16 weddings.


Bold Colours

From bridesmaid dresses in bold colours to decorations and even block colour wedding cakes, the couples who want to show their fun side, add colour to their wedding. We often see a couple’s theme built entirely around the groom’s kilt. Pick a bold colour that complements a colour in the kilt for a super co-ordinated look that’s also fun.

Food and Drink

The food and drink options create another chance to have a talking point and memorable part of the wedding. Weddings this season may feature anything from an ice cream cart/van to a mobile food van serving your dinner. We’ve seen hog roasts and fish and chips at weddings we’ve already been to! With the pop up restaurant and street food trend here for the long haul these are sure to appear at weddings .

Couples are also having fun with cocktail bars and even whisky tasting sessions. A great way for guests to interact and they’re certain to leave with amazing memories of the day.


Groom Takeover

Gone are the days when a groom’s biggest input was the proposal, Grooms are getting involved in wedding planning. Not only are they having a say in wedding venues and food choices but taking the lead in design and technology for the day as well as choices for colour schemes and themes.

Our 2015 grooms are also fashion conscious and see their wedding day as a chance to wear a favourite outfit suit, or splash out on new clothes for the day. We’re seeing grooms quite easily spending the same amount on their outfit as the bride, and looking great for doing so. Whilst our Scottish made bespoke outfits are high on the list for such grooms you can easily create this look for less with our budget options.

David Mcleod 112788

For more inspiration for your wedding, view our wedding inspiration page.

Corporate Gifts


Events and Promotions

We know that when you are organising any event or promotion, you want to find something that fits the occasion perfectly. Look through our online catalogue for inspiration, or tell us the occasion and let us find a product for you. We can deliver quickly and offer you a great selection of products and ideas whatever your budget. We promise you our personal service, our advice and our years of experience.

Our success stories so far…

In tartan


We supplied Tommy Hilfiger with our tartan blankets for visual merchandising and advertising. Our tartan rugs were used as corporate gifts during the Ryder Cup . Our kilts have appeared in TV advertising and film costume. Our tartan scarves were a successful fundraiser for a US hospital. Sporran key rings made unusual wedding favours for each guest. Add to that, kilts for themed bars, pipe bands and school uniforms and you have some idea of our scope.

In Pewter

We have arranged personalised tankards as a gift at a medieval banquet and a computer game launch party, as well as for a number of pubs and bars to offer a unique serving option. We provided hip flasks for golfing days, and for university student sports teams. Our quaichs have been presented at Scottish universities and weddings. You can see the full range of these on our specialist sites buyahipflask.com, buyatankard.com and buyaquaich.com.

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Kilts – Pants or No Pants?

When asking such a question, you have to consider various factors. By popular belief, Scotsmen wear nothing under their kilts. So why is this, and more importantly, should you?

Well, let’s travel back to the days when battles scarred Scottish soil. In those times, armies were constantly evolving and trying to think of ways to distract and destroy the enemy. The Romans had their durable formations, the English employed huge barrages of arrows, and the Scots? The Scots allegedly flashed.

Whether this was to show they were tough enough to march through stinging nettles with no pants on is unsure. But one thing’s for certain – it won them a few battles. While wearing nothing under a kilt is a supposed tradition, it’s up for debate whether this is entirely acceptable.

Leading Scottish kilt-makers are changing their hire terms. Indeed, you won’t find a kilt on Edinburgh’s Royal Mile without signing a disclaimer. And it’s not just the common man who’s asked to be careful with his kilt – Ewan McGregor, Sean Connery and Billy Connolly have all been there.

March of the Kilts

One hire firm has actually come up with a rhyme to get their message across:

‘Though Scots like to prance

About in their kilts wearing nae pants

Fir the next punter make it fair

Dinnae firgit to wear a pair.’

The question’s still up for debate, and it really is your decision to make. But if we had to advise on the ‘pants or no pants’ question, we’d suggest wearing underwear even if the kilt’s your own.

After all, you can always find other ways to offend your mother-in-law.

April 6th Officially declared as Tartan Day in Canada

Since the late 1980’s in Nova Scotia, Canada, April 6th has been recognised officially as Tartan Day to celebrate the Scottish heritage of this region.  With over 4 million Canadians with Scottish heritage this has now been officially recognised by the federal government and announced today by The Honourable James Moore, Minister of Canadian Heritage and Official Languages.

“A tartan represents a clan, a family, and a community, and is an enduring symbol of Scotland that is cherished by Canadians of Scottish ancestry,” said Minister Moore. “Many Canadian provinces and other countries already celebrate Tartan Day. As well, through Tartan Day, Canadians will have an opportunity to learn more about the various cultures that comprise Canadian society.”

Since 2008 the USA has recognised April 6th as National Tartan day and April 6th is also recognised as Tartan Day in Argentina (around 100,000 people of Scottish decent) and also in Scotland by the Angus Council.  The Scottish Australian Heritage Council encourages Australians to wear tartan on July 1st.

April 6th has been chosen as Tartan day as it was the anniversary of the Declaration of Arbroath, the Scottish declaration of independence.  Tartan days typically have parades of pipe bands, highland dancing and other Scottish themed events and celebrations.

Kilt Outfits

Our custom kilt outfit has been hugely successful, allowing people to build their own unique kilt outfit by choosing the pieces that they want. Available in a number of Scottish clan tartans, and generic tartans of Scotland, this outfit is guaranteed to suit every style and budget.

Create your unique outfit today, but checking out our Custom Casual Kilt Outfit.