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We know that when you are organising any event or promotion, you want to find something that fits the occasion perfectly. Look through our online catalogue for inspiration, or tell us the occasion and let us find a product for you. We can deliver quickly and offer you a great selection of products and ideas whatever your budget. We promise you our personal service, our advice and our years of experience.

Our success stories so far…

In tartan


We supplied Tommy Hilfiger with our tartan blankets for visual merchandising and advertising. Our tartan rugs were used as corporate gifts during the Ryder Cup . Our kilts have appeared in TV advertising and film costume. Our tartan scarves were a successful fundraiser for a US hospital. Sporran key rings made unusual wedding favours for each guest. Add to that, kilts for themed bars, pipe bands and school uniforms and you have some idea of our scope.

In Pewter

We have arranged personalised tankards as a gift at a medieval banquet and a computer game launch party, as well as for a number of pubs and bars to offer a unique serving option. We provided hip flasks for golfing days, and for university student sports teams. Our quaichs have been presented at Scottish universities and weddings. You can see the full range of these on our specialist sites buyahipflask.com, buyatankard.com and buyaquaich.com.

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Press Release: Top Christmas Presents from buyakilt.com

Subject: Christmas Gifts 2014

To be published From September 2014
– Last Minute Gifts
– Christmas Gift Guides.

Our little guide to the top presents that should make your gift list recommendations for 2014. All your Christmas gift favourites with a Scottish twist. These are stock items so can be dispatched right up until the 23rd December.

Classic Christmas Gifts

Tartan Rugs

Tartan Rugs

Over 20 different tartans in new wool, lambswool and gorgeous cashmere. A gift for the budget and luxury markets. Handy to have as a spare gift for unexpected visitors.   Prices from £25.00.


stcthgLadies Hat and Scarf Sets

Lambswool and cashmere sets in 10 different tartans. Scarves and hats both sold separately.  Prices from £29.00.



GB-TBBKWBoxer Shorts

For when you do wear something under your kilt. Tartan boxers are very traditional and a great stocking filler. Prices from £9.00.


CB-PW50Pocket Watches

A stylish and memorable gift for a loved father or grandfather. Featured watch is a Windsor Mechanical Pocket Watch which comes with chain and presentation box.  Prices from £36.00.


NTRYSTartan Ties

18 different tartans stocked but hundreds more made to order. Put a truly unique twist on a traditional gift by selecting a clan tartan. Prices from £17.00.


Please contact Rachel Way via email (hello@buyakilt.com) for further information or to arrange a sample.

Including Tartan In Your Wedding

It wouldn’t be a traditional Scottish wedding without a little tartan. From the kilt wearing of your groom and wedding party to the ribbon in the flowers.

I recommend adding a fly plaid to a grooms outfit. A fly plaid makes the groom stand out from the wedding party, and makes the grooms outfit just as special as the bride.


It’s easy to incorporate a little of your Scottish heritage in other ways. Nothing is more versatile than tartan ribbon which can be added to almost anything. From your bouquets and invitations to table pieces and button holes, it’s shows off the beautiful colours of your tartan. It’s a great way of reminding everyone of the uniting of two clans.

For an outdoor wedding leave a few tartan rugs around. Not only will they be great for decor but when it gets cooler in the evening guests can use them to wrap up in.

A hand fastening ceremony can be part of your main ceremony. This is a Scottish tradition where the term “tying-the-knot” comes from. The hands of the bride and groom are fastened with a length of tartan. A simple tartan scarf is enough to do the trick and serves as a reminder of your wedding every time you wear it.

A Scottish wedding is full of tradition, it’s best to pick one or two to add to your wedding rather than try and squeeze them all in. One I particularly like is the family of the groom pinning their tartan onto the bride. What a great welcome to the family.


View our Pinterest page for more inspiration and to contribute your own photos.

Featured Product: Tartan Rugs

Whether you’re using it for throw on a sofa or a comforter on a bed, our tartan rugs are extremely useful and versatile at this time of year.


Nothing beats coming in from the wet and cold and snuggling up in something warm. Our tartan blankets are useful to have lying around as not only are they stylish accessories around they home, they provide the ultimate warmth on a dreich Autumn day.

Our new wool tartan blanket rugs are extremely hard wearing whilst remaining soft for comfort. It’s a purchase that will not only be practical but a great way to add a little tartan to your world.

Featured Product: Standard Fly Plaid

A fly plaid is the ultimate way to finish off your kilt outfit.

For a full dress or very formal look, the fly plaid with a complementary brooch really sets the outfit apart. It’s for this reason the groom at a wedding may often choose to wear the fly plaid. At a Scottish wedding where most people are in kilts it’s great to make the groom look his best.

The fly plaid is worn over the left shoulder with a jacket with epaulettes, such as  a Prince Charlie and fixed with a brooch.  The fly plaid is available is a choice of tartans, all double width cloths from our tartan database can be used, so it’s easy to find the one to match your kilt.gt-fpp

How to wear tartan Autumn 2013

High Streets across the country have really taken on the tartan trend this Autumn. After we saw tartan gracing many catwalks over the summer the big fashion retailers were sure to follow suit.

Here are our top picks, hints and tips for wearing tartan this season.

For Ladies:

  • A kilt is a staple for your wardrobe, not just for October but for years to come. Classic tartans such as Royal Stewart are always in fashion.
  • For the key autumn look, wear your kilt with a blouse and a biker jacket. Come winter you can then pair with a chunky knit for a cosy but trendy look.
  • A tartan stole adds elegance to any outfit. The stole will keep you warm on cold crisp days.
  • An easy way to add tartan to any outfit is with a tartan scarf. Our cashmere scarves are a firm favourite.




For Men:

  • We’ve spotted many celebrities sporting tartan ties and bow ties. When you shop at buyakilt.com you have the option of getting over 500 different tartans.
  • It’s time to put your vest to good use. Don’t just wait for kilt wearing opportunities, pair with a pair of formal trews or even your denims for a smart/casual look.
  • The tartan flat cap is seeing a fashion revival and are now seen as a fashion item. This is a top fashionable, but functional item.




As always, we’re on hand to offer advice on style and selection.

Let us know how you’ll be wearing tartan this year, by posting on Facebook and Twitter.

What Does Tartan Mean To You?

Ask anyone around the globe what being Scottish means to them and you’ll get any number of stereotypical responses. Bagpipes are a popular choice, naturally enough. Sports fans might tell you about golf and rugby, film buffs might shout ‘FREEDOM!’ in your face, but almost everyone will tell you that tartan is a big part of Scottish identity, on a national and international level.

Young's Tartan

Knowing that tartan is Scottish, however, is but the tip of the iceberg when it comes to this extremely important aspect of Scottish history and contemporary identity. There exist today just under 7, 000 registered clan tartans, and each of them is made using pre-dyed coloured strands of thread. These are then woven as both warp and weft at right angles to each other, giving the chequered effect so widely recognised.  But what do the different patterns and colours really mean?

Several Scottish clans have what is known as clan tartan, meaning that the type and colour of tartan is specific to a Scottish clan. In 1725 the Independent Highland Companies wore a uniform tartan, marking them different from their foes in a very obvious way, and after this time clan tartan became a recognised and official way of standing out from other clans, and uniting your own.

Clan tartan is special and exclusive because the only person who can make a clan’s tartan official is the clan chief. In some clans, the wearing of the clan tartan is allowed only with permission from the chief. The special quality of tartan means that through the years, dating back to Victorian times, it is acceptable (in keeping with tartan etiquette) only to own and wear tartan with which you are in some way associated. You may be the descendant of a clansman, or bear the last name of one of the great clan families, for instance, or you may hail from a country that has its own. Canada, for example, is one of the Commonwealth countries with a national tartan. Some tartans are particularly exclusive. The Balmoral tartan is only to be worn by members of the Royal family, for instance. Similarly, there exist tartans that were designed to be universal. Black Watch tartan, also known as Government, Universal, or Campbell tartan, can be worn by anyone. So too can Hunting, Stewart, Caledonian and Jacobite tartan.

Take an interest in your choice of tartan by doing some genealogical digging, and find the tartan that means something to you.

The Easy Way to Buy a Kilt

Finding your perfect kilt can be a tricky process and can daunt even the most seasoned shopper!

Thankfully, we know lots about kilts, so we can help you along that path. However, it’s important that we try to do that without confusing you with the plethora of options available!

One such confusing option is tartan cloth width. The width of a cloth is literally how wide the fabric comes off the loom. If the mill has very wide loom, you get a very wide cloth, if it has a narrow loom, you get a narrow cloth. The wider the cloth, the bigger you can make garments, without having to stitch two or more pieces together.

In reality there are very few products we sell that need a wide cloth. The most common item which needs a wide cloth is a plaid.

Traditionally, most mills used a wide loom to make cloths about 60″ wide. When making an 8 yard kilt, a kilt maker would purchase only 4 yards of this cloth and cut it down the middle to create two lengths of 4 yards, stitch them end to end and conceal the seam in one of the pleats at the rear of the kilt.

However, one of the largest mills, House of Edgar, switched to making most cloths in single width – around 30″ wide. This is fine for kilts as you just order 8 yards of fabric, but doesn’t suit anything that needs cloth wider than 30″.

We thought it was important for customers to let customers know about this when they were choosing a tartan so on our cloth selection page, we showed a swatch, the mill, the price and the width of the cloth. We also showed the actual price per metre, so single width cloths appeared to be half the price of double width cloths.

We found that this confused more customers than it helped, so have changed the layout of this page to make the width of each cloth less prominent, and have altered the price of single width cloths to display as an effective double width price.

We’ve spoken with some customers about this and we feel the new change makes the step of choosing your cloth that little bit easier. What do you think? Do you need to see the width while you’re choosing a cloth?

The change is now live on our site: check out the Macdonald Modern (my favourite… helps that I’m a Macdonald as well!) and the rest of our tartans and let us know what you think.

We’ve Finally Perfected Tartan Paint

We’re thrilled to announce a breakthrough product, available exclusively through buyakilt.com. Tartan Paint is the latest addition to our website and it has taken years of scientific and technological advances to allow us to be able to supply such a unique product to the Scottish community in a cost-effective manner.

We have employed the talents of Prof Hamish McTavish from the University of Edinburgh to create the hugely sought after Tartan Paint. This patented formula was perfected in Edinburgh and is exclusively available on buyakilt.com. It utilises micromolecular viscosity technology to keep each colour separate in the pot and during application. Similar technology has previously been used by NASA to help keep volatile rocket fuel stable during take-off, due to the heavy pressure exerted on spacecraft. You can read more about the technology behind this in the item description here.

To make it even more Scottish, the secret formula contains traces of Haggis and Irn Bru to colour the browns and oranges in various tartan patterns.

Tartan Paint is available in over 3,000 tartans and we are sure this will be a welcome addition to those in the building trade particularly young apprentices who are often tasked with the difficulty of finding this product. No longer will their search go in vain.

Thanks to all who responded to our April Fools Prank. Whilst tartan paint would be a wonderful creation unfortunately the real science hasn’t quite caught up our fictional creation.

Did we find a few Gowk’s today?

April fools day was originally the 1st Day of the new year and after it’s change to January 1st people who ignored or had forgotten the change were subject to being called fools.  In Scotland this tradition is also known as Hunt-the-Gowk Day with the gowk being the recipient of the joke.  “Gowk” is Scottish for cuckoo (an emblem for simpletons). It is celebrated over 48 hours whereby jokes are made on 2nd April are devoted to jokes involving the posterior. This is credited as being the origin of the “Kick Me” signs and is called Taily Day.