About buyakilt.com

About buyakilt.com

buyakilt.com is an online Scottish Highland dress retailer. We offer an extensive range of kilts, kilt outfits and kilt accessories, as well as some Scottish gifts.

We are part of Macdonald Sporrans Ltd, and have been trading online since June 2004. We are owned and managed by Fergus Macdonald.


Fergus started trading while studying for his degree in Business Studies at The University of Edinburgh, where he graduated with a First Class MA with Honours in 2007. As a student, Fergus gained valuable experience in menswear retailing by spending nearly 2 years working for prestigious world-renowned brands Armani and Crombie.


buyakilt.com is a uniquely online kilt retailer. We have chosen this medium to minimise operating costs and reduce our overall environmental impact. We work directly with a large variety of manufacturers so that we can bring products from production to you, the customer, in as few steps as possible. For this reason, many of our products are shipped directly from the people that make them, to you, the people that use them.


We aim to offer a wide range of products from different manufacturers and to suit different styles and meet any budget. In this way, we are able to offer an unbiased opinion on any of our products and know how they compare to others in the market.

Online-only selling can create a number of challenges, so we try to make the process as simple as possible by offering:

- good, personal customer service via either email or telephone

- clear detailed information on products and sizing prior to purchase

- fast shipping via a choice of methods, charging you only what we pay

- easy exchanges/return procedure after purchase

Our Values

We like happy customers! We believe that we provide good value products, at competitive prices and we believe in honest and reliable customer service. We uphold these values, and you regularly tell us how happy you are with our service, even when we make mistakes! And that makes us happy!

Value For Money

Don’t be put off by our prices, which can sometimes seem unbelievably low. We do not sell anything that does not pass our stringent quality standards. Our guideline is this - if we wouldn't wear it - we don't see why you would! Our lower priced products are often great value substitutes to more expensive alternatives, and their true value depends on what you're going to use it for. As an example our imported leather sporrans are not the same quality as our custom made sporrans, but they're great if you want something basic for watching the rugby, and spilling that occasional drink down!