Ethical Policy

Ethical Policy

We take ethical issues very seriously. For easy reference, we have broken down our ethical policy into sections.

Animal Welfare

Some of our highland dress products contain leather and other animal hides. At present we only sell products containing bovine hide or goat skin. We are proud to work with manufacturers that only use skins which are by-products of other industries. Unfortunately this is not the case with all our suppliers, and it is something that we are working towards in the future. We do not sell any products containing rabbit, fox, musquash or similar skins.

The EU ban on products containing seal skin is discussed in more depth here.


We recycle nearly all paper, cardboard and plastic that comes into our warehouse and office. We create less than half a bin bag of rubbish per week - everything else is recycled. We endeavour to supply our products in easily recyclable materials.


We use recycled paper in our office. For an average order, we use only 1 piece of A4 paper to print our invoice/packing slip. By cutting down the amount of printed paper needed per order, we can drastically reduce our overall paper consumption.


We package our goods in either cardboard boxes, padded envelopes, or boidegradeable mailing sacks. Our cardboard boxes are custom made from recycled cardboard to our exact dimensions (down to the millimetre) to ensure that our goods fit neatly inside without the need for void-fill (which creates significant extra waste). On rare occasions we may use recycled void-fill if we are shipping an abnormal order which does not fit our boxes. All our cardboard boxes are easily recyclable.


Fundamentally, we believe that online businesses create less waste than traditional high street stores. We work with a number of manufacturers to provide products which are sent directly from the manufacturer to the customer, eliminating all the steps in the middle. All our packages are sent via Royal Mail or one of our couriers, and by utilising this mass-distribution method, we greatly reduce the carbon footprint a single product creates in its journey from creation to customer.